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  1. Palin Witchcraft Video

    I know what witchcraft and sorcery are. In this video I did not see him perform it in any way. What I saw and heard was him praying for her protection from it. He believes in it, and therefore he was praying for her protection from it. I have looked into this guy a little more and, I still will not judge him, but I also will agree our (potential) vp should not be associating with him like this. I still stand by my earlier opinion based off *this video*. There is not enough info in *this video* to convict him of anything other than caring for this woman. Prove evolution is real. There is no scientific (repeatable)proof, that is why it is still the *theory* of evolution. Global warming, global cooling. Don't care. Do you believe the science that has been taught in schools forever about the ice ages, and the warming that follows? Who is to say this isn't just the natural warming period in between ice ages then? But I digress, you have my apologies!
  2. Palin Witchcraft Video

    Don't know the man enough to judge him. But you are right, anyone who is going to go into politics, or anything in the public eye, should really watch who they associate with. Otherwise they may have a bunch of climbers somewhere, who do not know them from Adam, and who have nothing better to do, bashing them on their web site.
  3. from an email...

    They don't teach spelling/grammar in sunday school? You are right, they do not teach it in Sunday school. I am not too worried about my spelling or grammar here actually. Thank you for pointing that out though, is this a more to your liking?
  4. Palin Witchcraft Video

    How do you know she is a witch? [video:youtube]zrzMhU_4m-g I suppose it would be funnier if it wasn't so close to true. I got better. thats a good one! I guess if she meets those requirements, who am i to argue?
  5. Palin Witchcraft Video

    So I hear you saying, "it's part of his culture, therefore its ok for him to persecute 'witches' and run them out of town". That is bullshit. Just because he is an ignorant, brainwashed hillbilly from an exotic locale doesn't mean we should respect his beliefs. He is, in-fact, a deluded (he believes in christianity after all) thug with a penchant for egomania. no, i did not say that at all. it is not ok. how do you prove that someone is a witch and the cause of lawlessness in a town? you can't do it. it does happen, as it did in the early history of our country, it is wrong! I am strictly talking about his belief in witchcraft, and his praying over Sarah Palin for protection from it. There were also no police reports on file about this supposed incident he talks about running the witch out, although supposedly the police were involved. Did any of it even happen? Or was he trying to inflate himself for others to think he was super spiritual? I don't know. Again, I was only talking about the belief system and the prayer.
  6. Palin Witchcraft Video

    i don't care about bible thumpers anywhere... im sorry to hear that. some of us are pretty nice guys!
  7. Palin Witchcraft Video

    Do any of you know anything about african culture? Do you know that in many parts of Africa people believe deeply in witchcraft? Do you know that in many parts of Africa, when a "witch" puts a spell or curse on someone it is taken very seriously? We make fun of them here, but in many parts of Africa, and the rest of the world, people believe in these things. They grew up with these beliefs. So, you are poking fun at this mans cultural background, not only his beliefs. If you have not been there, or delt with this, who are you to poke fun at him? When he prayed for her to be protected from witchcraft, he was doing so because of his cutlural background! He grew up around practicing witches, it is very real to him. Where did the whole "witch doctor" thing come from? Whether or not his story about the witch in his home town is true, I do not know. I also don't know how sincere he is in his beliefs. I just think it's wrong to make fun of this without knowing about the cultural differences and beliefs that led him to pray in such a way.
  8. from an email...

    bummer, your right. someone had too many zeros when they did the math.
  9. from an email...

    i'm in. wheres the petition?
  10. Don't fart on an officer of the law!

  11. Palin Witchcraft Video

    Wow, first of all that video kind of scared me. Second, just so you all know, we are not all like that. I personally don't care what anyone thinks of me and my beliefs, If I feel like standing up and praising God, wherever I am at, I will do it. But it seems to me that there comes a line you cross where it becomes all for show. And these, in my opinion seem quite showy. Looks more like a "mob mentality" kind of thing. I wonder how many of these people would act like this out side of their church, or "revival" meetings. How many would do this if it was just them, or a friend? Put people in a large crowd, throw in a little adrenaline and they can go crazy. I don't know about seeing God on the 3rd floor also, from what I've read no man has seen God. But then again, I wasn't on the 3rd floor with them, maybe he made a 1 day only appearance? Works the same, I believe, in anonymity. Put someone on a computer, where no one can see them, and they will say and do things they normally wouldn't do. Unfortunately, some people think you have to yell and scream to reach God. I am pretty sure most of the people in this video believe what they are doing! They look at that same video and say "wow, that was awesome".
  12. Don't fart on an officer of the law!

    farting is a crime oops, there it is.
  13. This Week's Local Mountain Rescue Update

    one of my climbing buddies is an amateur radio operator and carries one with him every time we go out. not too bad to have, better just not to get hurt though eh? now that i said that, its probably my turn next!
  14. Ivan

  15. Gnarl Fire

    would have been cool to see. all we saw at the time was the haze, blocking our view!glad we went up when we did! Great pic Couloir! Where is it taken from?
  16. This Sucks :(

    Ok, that doesn't count. I have to work monday too ahh, bummer, that sucks. You win!
  17. This Sucks :(

    I have Sundays and Mondays off. But of course, Saturday is when everyone does all the good fun stuff!! Oh well.
  18. Bush really is a good president because........

    Because if a guy who talks like he does and doesn't even make sense half the time, just a good ol' country boy and all, can become president, that lets us all know it is possible for anyone to make it! if you have money that is i guess!
  19. Gnarl Fire

    We were up there on monday, parked at cloud cap trail head and hiked up the cooper spur route, down to the eliot. you could not see any of the mountains due to the thick haze and smoke to the south. ill post some pics later!
  20. PDX Ice Festival 2008

    Hey, I do not have a prg belay card. I haven't climbed there since a few years before the move, and then it was only a couple of times bouldering. Should I try to get in earlier to get one? How does it work? Figured I should ask this before I show up expecting to climb, eh? dave
  21. I bought these awhile back and don't think i will ever use them, so if you come pick them up, there yours, no charge. older style, with some rust. i will (hopefully) be at the pdx ice fest, so i could deliver em to ya then if you want. Also have some cams i would like to trade. looking for an ipod. need something i can listen to on my bike ride into work!! 7 cams, used, but still in good shape. you may want to resling a couple. cash is welcome too. thinking apx 15$ each, or equivilent in ipod value.
  22. Footfang crampons, free! And some cams for trade

    sorry, i was in a hurry when i posted. i am heading up to the eliot in the morning. i will try to post pics (cant find my camera right now), but will at least get the details on them up tomorow afternoon. Footfangs are gone!
  23. Elliot Glacier conditions??

    we're heading up there on monday to do a little ice, i'll let y'all know how it looks, and hopefully post some pics. now the next part, we have only been on the eliot for crevasse rescue practice, not to do ice. Where is the best part to find some good ice, without getting too close to the rock in the upper ice fall? from pics ive seen, it sounds like the smaller fall at the toe, on the west side?

    Thats great! One bad cat!
  25. Finally. God Defined.

    We, as humans, are faluable and therefore I know that anyone as a Christian, being human, will be prone to human "weaknesses". So, to say there are good examples out there is very true but to really get an idea of Christ or God seems, as with most beliefs, to come down to faith in what Christ or God stands for. No one can say, including you, that you are free of "issues" or offense to someone. We all have done something that is a "sin" - correct?? Very true. I am not free of issues, or sin, and i never will be. The bible say "for all have sinned..." and "none are righteous, no not one..." and I, for sure, am no different.