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  1. Palin Witchcraft Video

    Jesus Christ also commanded his followers to love all men. To treat everyone as we want to be treated. Jesus did not command, nor suggest that his followers force people to follow him, but to tell them the "good news" and give them the opportunity to choose for themselves whether or not to believe.
  2. Palin Witchcraft Video

    You have a very good argument there. I never did say I do not vote. I do believe I said I would not vote on a certian issue. I will vote for people, who in turn will decide those issues, but I see no moral or civic reason for me to show up to specifically vote on an issue such as gay marriage. Using your same argument, it also applies to respecting each others beliefs and what they do or do not vote for. We have had people die for our freedoms. People fight everyday to protect our freedoms to choose. Therefore someone such as yourself, no matter how much you disagree with me, should at the very least respect my right to vote and believe how I choose. Not put me down because I believe differently than you, or because I may not follow your same political beliefs. Using all the same things you outlined above, if you truly believe in what you said, you would feel free to let me know you disagree, but not degrade me for choosing to vote differently. Most of this thread seems to be focused on how I will vote. Lets say I did decide to vote for mccain and palin, and then voted to make gay marriage illegal. shouldn't i be able to do that without having to worry about being persecuted because you do not agree with it?
  3. Palin Witchcraft Video

    who is trying to ban what books?
  4. Palin Witchcraft Video

    and that is fine with me. you can believe or not believe whatever you choose. that is one of the great things about this country.
  5. Palin Witchcraft Video

    I'm sorry, but you are wrong. witchcraft is real, it is practiced by many people throughout the world as a religion. have you heard of wicca? Just because you and i don't believe in it, we think its a load, doesnt make it any less real. it is a religion that is practiced all over the world. i do not personally believe in spells and potions and such, but witchcraft is a real thing. just because you dont believe or accept something does not make it any less real. one of the major beliefs of wiccan is the worship of nature, and worship the spirits of all natural things. heres onesite i found these people certainly believe in it more now these are scary people, with some odd beliefs. but it is a real thing.
  6. from an email...

    i dont believe in the whole "vote for the lesser of two evils" thing.
  7. from an email...

    that is your prerogative, and i respect that decision, i choose to abstain from doing so. that is one of the things that makes this a great country, we can think, and believe differently, without worry. i am no less of an American for doing it my way.
  8. from an email...

    Larry Craig is going to be soooooo disappointed. If I understand your gender correctly, this was never on the table for you anyway sport. You might want to step away from the keyboard. just making a point, but yes, you are correct, i can not have an abortion. what i meant in that was i would not encourage, or suggest one to someone. i would discourage if i was in a place to do so. if my opinion was asked in the matter by someone seeking one, i would tell her my thoughts and beliefs, in a loving kind way. but if a woman chose to do so, i would be there for support and comfort (assuming i was needed).i would not then treat her any differently. nor will you ever see me out picketing at an abortion clinic.
  9. from an email...

    You will vote no? How is that NOT forcing your beliefs on gays? Rob, I think he said he would abstain from voting, since siding with it one way or the other would violate his beliefs. right, i said i will not vote, the no was for emphasis.
  10. from an email...

    i will not vote, no, period. again, i am not going to force my beliefs on anyone. if i vote for it, i am going against my beliefs, but if i vote against it i am trying to force them on others. i know the argument of representation, who i vote for will not be determined by whether or not they are for or against gay marriage or abortion. they will be for who i believe will be the best over all for our country, and my family. who will do the best job in the long run. and by the way, from another thread about a poll/mock vote by abc, obama won out over mccain by me. i do not vote along any party line. i am against having to declare a party at all. on some issues i think the republicans are great, on others the democrat. i am for the democratic view on more and more things recently by the way, such as economy, taxes and health care. which are pretty high up on my list of importance. and the republicans, who have always been sortof the "christian" party, are by far not that anymore. i do not like making the rich richer, and alienating ourselves from the rest of the world. but, they still have a few areas i am behind them on. so again, not voting by party. voting my conscience instead.
  11. from an email...

    actually there are many people who are very non religious who are against it also, but they are in the same line as racists who are just afraid of anyone who is different from them. i dont understand how gay marriage is illegal but abortion is not. i say if the people want to make gay marriage legal, let em. i have religious arguments against a whole lot of stuff. but how do you enforce that on a people who dont believe the same as you? what is a sin to me, is not to another, therefore why would they do as i do? same applies here, if we are not going to follow Gods law in all things, why apply to just this one? so no, i do not believe gay marriage should be legal, i do not believe abortion should be legal, i do not believe in evolution, or the big bang, i do not believe a lot of things, but it is not my place to attempt to force someone else into my way of thinking. i will therefore not marry a man, i will not have an abortion, i will not teach my kids evolution or the big bang. that is how i will live my beliefs. that is how i will honor my God. i will be happy to befriend a gay (married or unmarried) man/woman, i will treat a woman who had an abortion no differently from a woman who had a child, i will not put down anyone who believes in evolution or the big bang. i will treat them all equally as i expect them to treat me.
  12. from an email...

    i actually agree with that. we cannot have government regulating religion, nor religion regulating government. if we do, who's to decide whos religion will be the one to regulate it? all the people who want religious influence in government would be deeply disheartened when whatever religion it is conflicted with their personal beliefs. you see it in the different denominations, they fight with each other over very basic issues in the bible. how would it be if one religion had influence, yet not the other? all around the world you see what happens when religion influences government.
  13. from an email...

    well thank you for clearing that up.
  14. from an email...

    It's a rare day in America when citizens vote for any legislation directly. We are a "representative democracy". So have you voted for any representative that has voted for legislation proscribing freedoms and the right to choose? If you have voted for any republican in the last 25 years, the odds are good that you voted to limit my right to have butt sexx, marry a member of the same sex, or have an abortion, while also voting to have your fairytales taught as fact in public schools. This is why you are getting especially harsh treatment on this website right now, right before an election. Climbers tend to be of the libertarian, live-and-let-live type and don't appreciate people telling them what to they can and can't do. The christian right have fucked up our country and are threatening to continue to fuck it up and folks on this website are pissed about that. you're absolutely right. i have yet to see one candidate that stands for my exact beliefs. i also don't care if he/she claims Christianity. i personally don't think someone can possibly hold any high level political office and not ever compromise their morals or beliefs. so i look at the whole person, what they stand for on the issues. i also understand when people are upset because they feel their rights are being infringed upon. i would also be upset if someone tried to limit my right to worship as i choose. i do not understand the assumptions, the vulgarity, and the hatred though. but i guess some people just express their anger in different ways. i also don't like when someone assumes to know what i think and believe, or that because i choose to believe something different from them that it makes me and ignorant moron. isnt this the same thing that upsets you all about what some of the christians think about you? it goes both ways, i just ask that you all don't make it personal and one sided.
  15. from an email...

    again, not all who call themselves christians follow the biblical meaning of what we are supposed to be like. i have never voted for any kind of legislation that limits your right to choose. yes, i believe homosexuality is a sin, but then again i am a sinner also, so who am i to judge or speak out against it? i believe abortion is murder and a sin, i also believe the bible where Jesus says that "anyone who hates his brother (some translations say "calls his brother a fool") is guilty of murder"! Again, who am i to judge? Jesus did not force his beliefs on anyone, He wants us to choose him and to follow him on his own, not out of force! He said “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Who am i to try to regulate others beliefs or actions? i will tell people what i believe and why till i die, but i will never try to force anyone, or ridicule anyone into believing as i do. So please, do not lump me in with the evangelists you see on tv, or on the news. do not assume i hold the same beliefs or support in any way someone who is trying to force his/her beliefs on you or anyone else. ask me what i believe about a certain issue, and i will tell you. if you do not agree, that is your God given, constitutional right, and i will respect it!
  16. The End of the World is upon us!!

    What will we do without the world wide interweb? Be prepared for the coming Apocalypse!
  17. Breaking News

    i wear a helmet because i like my head
  18. from an email...

    actually i do not vote according to a certain party, but according to the individual, and what he/she stands for. really bugs me when people only vote their party. kinda defeats the whole purpose.
  19. Breaking News

    that was a good one. good thing i had my climbing helmet on.
  20. from an email...

    and you wouldn't? legislate your beliefs into law? you take the intolerance of a few and put them on everyone who believes in God. That is intolerance. i don't assume that all atheists, or unbelievers, or whatever are as rude, spiteful, and as full of hate as you seem to be. I have some good friends who are atheists who are not intolerant of any of my views. they let me know they disagree, i am fine with that. but only a few are as intolerant as you seem to be. although i am sure the anonymity of the internet helps with that a bit. do you act like this in real life? my guess is not. i don't attack others for disagreeing with me, yet here i get attacked quite a bit because i believe something different, and have the gall to voice those beliefs. is that not what this country is founded on? the freedom to worship, to believe as we choose, without fear of persecution? when you see me try to force my beliefs on others, let me know. when you see me treat someone like crap, let me know. i voice my opinion, state why i believe it. i also will state why i don't believe in a particular subject.
  21. Palin Witchcraft Video

    20% of humans have a mutated gene? this is *proof* of evolution? what kind of testing did they do on the humans from 100 years ago to get that data? how about the humans from 150 years ago? how did they test them? sorry for being so vague, but i have not read the articles and you didnt give me much to go on to research said articles myself. i'm sorry, but i don't believe that out of nothing, there was a big bang (where did the material come from that caused the bang?), that created the known universe, where part of it just happened to form into this planet, that just happened to be close to a sun to provide just the right combination of light and heat. then all this formed into a world where out of the slime something happened to create life, that eventually crawled out of the ocean, eventually became a monkey, that eventually became human. it seems to me that it would take much more faith to believe that than it would take to believe in a God who created it all.
  22. from an email...

    unbelievable the intolerance of some people. so my beliefs and views are different from yours, therefore you must put me down and treat me poorly. one thing i learned in Sunday school is to treat everyone as i want them to treat me. i also learned in Sunday school, and public elementary school, that intolerance is a bad thing. i thought that was something everyone was taught
  23. Palin Witchcraft Video

    hey rumr, when did i day that they were real? or did i say that he believes in it, repeatedly? ttk people like you say over and over again how intolerant and ignorant christians are? come on man, who is being intolerant and ignorant? i am a christian with a christian worldview, therfore you automatically dismiss anything i have to say. this is proven by the fact you have repeatedly (not just in this thread) stated that i have said things i have not said. you make assumptions out of ignorance what i believe and assign them to me. but since i believe in God, i must be stupid! That is what intolerance is! and i am not the intolerant one here! and what kind of experiement supports the *theory* of evolution? i know that scientific theories are not not proven, that is my whole point!
  24. Palin Witchcraft Video

  25. The End of the World is upon us!!

    those are great! i'm glad the one about nuclear powered vacuum cleaners was never realized!