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  1. Mt. Hood South Side Conditions Ice falling 5/24?

    Hey Stime, great website! I really enjoyed your pictures! Did you get any of your Hood climb to share??
  2. FS- Brand New BD Sabertooth Crampons

    ditto on price
  3. Mt Hood north side access??

    I couldn't find any info here about access to the north side, eliot glacier area. So, has anyone been up there recently? Is the road open to the trail head by cloud cap, or is it still closed? How close can you get before you have to ski/snow shoe in? Thanks! Dave
  4. Mt Hood north side access??

    Where does the trail start? I figured it would just follow the road from the bottom, which seems forever in a car! Might be able to make that one. I got a pair of randonee skis with skins, need to get some alpine boots and give it a shot! Thinking I might take skiing lessons first though, been snowboarding a bit, but never put on skis other than to try these on!
  5. Mt Hood north side access??

    doesn't that add about 10 miles?? it's a little out of my league right now. going in early may to see a surgeon about knee issues! maybe i'll wait till june! In the meantime, I'll head somewhere else this weekend. Thanks!
  6. Illumination Rock pics...

    Great pics, thanks!
  7. How 'bout this one? If it's not stolen, it's a hot friggin deal!! 50m Climbing Rope and chalk ball - $25 (SE) Reply to: sale-gkthv-1085885439@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-03-21, 4:27PM PDT For Sale: Mammut Flash Single Rope 50 meter and Bison Chalk ball Rope details: Brand new in package, never been used, 10.5 mm diameter, 50 meter, Super-Dry Chalk ball details: Bison Chalk Ball new in package Asking $25.00 for rope and chalk ball http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/spo/1085885439.html
  8. New Climbing Gym in Portland?? (Survey)

    i'll throw in another vote for either east side (close to 205) or (even better) up north here in vancouver!! But even then, 65 a month is outta my league!
  9. sounds great, but i am having knee issues (again) and am kinda out of any hiking or climbing type of activity right now! Have a great time! BTW, I used to live in tumwater. Back in High School for about a year, and in Oly before that. Feel kinda nostalgic whenever I drive through there now! Thanks for the invite! God Bless dave
  10. you do have to purchase in advance through the st helens institute april 1-october 31. Keep checking here and try posting occasionally on portland or seattle craigslist also. I think he was talking about the heat, blowing ash, and hiking through deep ash. Not alot of fun without snow cover. There should be now snow except on the tiny glaciers in august. Usually rock and as the whole way up. I'd take goggles to protect your eyes against the blowing snow!! Have a great trip!! HOpe you find the permit you are looking for!
  11. Friday AM weight in

    goal:175 1/17/09 201 gotten a little out of shape the past year or so!
  12. AT Boots Size 10

  13. Still laughing!! This was great guys! Glad you made it back alive, you should send the story into climbing mag, they need some good epics like this in there.
  14. Mount Hood Conditions

    bradley, great pics man. thanks
  15. non-sucky internet provider?

    I have Comcast. I have the 6Mbps down/768 up. I have had no problems. But if you do, call in and a tech will come out and fix it. 99cents extra gets you the service protection plan, so you don't have to pay for any trouble calls. 30 money back guarantee, and NO contracts at all! By the way, the speeds are going way up beginning of the year!!! Price stays the same. 42 bucks if you have phone or tv with them also, 52 bucks if its internet only (internet only is 4down, 356 up but will go up to the standard speeds when the speed increase happens)
  16. Patagonia Alpine Guide Pant - $45

    what is the waist size for the xl?
  17. Winter Camping

    agreed. Timberline is great for such a thing. park in the lower gravel lot, head north toward the mountain above a ravine. around that ravine should be plenty of spots to build a good one, if there is enough snow. With the weather this week, we may get enough. I would also suggest using wands or something to mark the perimeters of your cave so you don't get people walking over it and collapsing is on top of you. And ditto, stay away from roads and parking lots! Take pictures and post when your done! Good luck!
  18. Elliot Glacier conditions??

    Heres one on the same trip of my buddy with his big stupid grin and fat belly (ok, I lied, it's me ), just before the lower ice fall
  19. Elliot Glacier conditions??

    We left the night before they closed the road! Haven't been back up since then. Great pics man! We did not get that deep into the glacier. We spent most of our time in the lower ice fall, and then in between lower and upper drinking our beers before heading out. And yeah, the beer didn't stay in that condition very long!!!
  20. Elliot Glacier conditions??

    Sorry it's so late getting this posted, probably won't do anyone any good now, but here it is. A close up of the eliot, we are about central on the glacier, the big flat area below the upper ice fall. Mid september.
  21. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    Wow, you're right! I am definitely not voting for Palin/Mccain now.
  22. If you can wait a few more weeks you won't need paid permits. Free after October 31st.
  23. Palin Replacement Betting Pool

    Won't happen, not the least of which is these people never admit mistakes:-) Same for Obama Biden, but that was spot on the money a good choice for Barak IMO. Nobody is changing horses in the middle of the stream. Even Honest Abe knows that, ask McClellan. I agree with Bill. Even if they believe they made a mistake in choosing her, I doubt they will dump her now. They don't want to admit a mistake this big. Then who will vote for him? If he can't make up his mind on an issue such as who should be his VEEP then what else is he going to flip flop on? If he does swap out now, he'll lose it for sure.
  24. Economy solved!!!!!!!