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  1. 12/1/09 Mt Hood- Sunshine Route

    Great pics!! Awesome TR, best one I've read in awhile, thanks!! Hopeing to get up there soon.
  2. St Helens Beta

    from the view here in battle ground, and the low snow levels we've had for the past 3 weeks or so, it should be great. Looks to be completely covered down to the treeline at least. Supposed to snow down here in the valley overnight friday/early saturday too!! Good luck, make sure to post some pics. We're going to skin up, board down Dec 19th! Hope we get the great weather then that we've been having!
  3. Snowboard Mountaineering

    Just bought a used voile split decision. Got tired of always being passed up by you guys skinning up the hills!! Since I have never skiied, but do have some snowboarding under my belt, figured this would be the way to go! Heading up to T-line this weekend to attempt to skin up the palmer to below Crater Rock for some practice!! Woo hooo! Any advice?
  4. WTB: AT ski-setup! (or pieces of one)

    oh yeah, plus shipping if you need them sent to NC!!!
  5. WTB: AT ski-setup! (or pieces of one)

    I've got an old school (mid 80's!!) pair of Kastle randonee skis, with bindings. Still in great condition. No boots, no poles, but the bindings are mounted, fully adjustable, and have the heel step for climbing. Bottoms and edges appear to be scratch free! I bought them used a few years ago and never used them. I was planning on giving it a shot this year, but just bought a split board instead. I also have a pair of skins i can throw in. Not sure if they fit, I bought them seperately for 20 bucks and never attempted to see if they work. 50$ for all. nice and cheap to get you going till you get a newer set!!
  6. Hood Hogsback shift

    I've ran across remnants of these old rope stuck in the ice on the Eliot Glacier. Old, 1"(?) rope, looks kinda like the ropes we used to climb in gym class as a kid, only older, and sticking out of ice instead of the gym ceiling!!
  7. FS: Climb/ski gear, clothing and packs

    how much to ship the boots to 98604??
  8. UPDATED FOR SOLD STUFF** I also wanted to thank all of you on your well wishes! I greatly appreciate it!! I have some climbing gear i am selling. need the money, and won't be climbing for awhile, so here it goes. I will be posting anything that does not sell on ebay by friday. if you want pictures send me a pm with you email and i will send em to ya. can possibly deliver to vancouver area, but would prefer you come pick up. thanks ONE PAD LEFT. i have two self inflating air pads. older, but work great. orange. 10$ each **SOLD**pair of salamon climbing boots. worn toes from cascade volcano scree, but still in great shape. size 10.5 60$ **SOLD** snow pickets, 2 foot. 10$ each 7.7mm x 35 meter ice thong rope. this is half of a 70 meter rope i had cut in two. 50$ **1 TOOL LEFT**3 bulldog ice tools. never used. two of them still have the shrink rubber pieces on the end. 2x 45cm 1x50cm. All three are adzes. 35$ each **SOLD** 70cm rei ice axe. yellow. well used, (ie:scratched up from scree) but still in great shape. 50$ 1 thermarest sleeping pad, closed cell. 5$ black diamone ice gloves with removable liners. only worn a few times, still look new. i believe they are the "glissade". 35$ **ALL SCREWS GONE**I have a number of ice screws. i'll have to check on brands and length. i think it is 3 op, and 4 of the russian titanium ones. only used for glacier travel and rescue. 20$ each for the op, and 20$ for all the russian ones. I have a brand new 60 liter north face backpack. i forget which model, but i havent used it yet. i will post the model as soon as i go look, being lazy right now!! 85$ lowe alpine 90+20 liter pack. also don't know the model offhand. huge pack though, in great shape! 50$ marmot 35 liter pack, eiger model. gray and black. great shape, used. 50$ REI gortex gloves. good shape. 15$ 2 snow shovels. generic, aluminum. 15$ each or 2 for 20$. ADDED: Selected climbs in the cascades, vol 1 and 2. 5$ each. climbing the cascade volcanoes. 5$ petzl duo headlamp. older model with belt battery pack. heavy, holds 3 c batteries! super bright with super zoom!! 35$ works great, needs batteries. lots more stuff. just can't remember it all now. i will update as i get it all together. Remember, it all goes to ebay by friday or saturday. I just want to give you all a chance at it first!
  9. bunch of gear 4 sale **UPDATED**

    I believe I have answered all pm's. If I missed you, let me know
  10. bunch of gear 4 sale **UPDATED**

    pics are here. Also added 2 smc pulleys 15$ for both 1 wild country rope man 10$ 2 more pair of gortex gloves rei for 10$, other for 20$ komperdell avalanch probe, 10 foot, like new. 20$ apx 20 glacier wands, bamboo, 20$ for all. randonee skis, kastle, older style. 40 bucks. great shape. http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e15/dwellcome/gear%20sale/
  11. bunch of gear 4 sale **UPDATED**

    Well now, seeing how I have all this "creationism" stuff stuck in my head I may just be needing that! Let me thinks on it a bit eh?
  12. Requesting Conditions: Mt. Adams SS

    ditto, planning to head up mazama this weekend
  13. Any actor types out there??

    Just got this from a friend. This is the from the agency that is getting all the local talent for the "Leverage" series now shooting im PDX. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=220118415&blogId=495772687
  14. gnarl ridge info

    from katu news: Story Published: Jun 16, 2009 at 3:34 PM PDT Story Updated: Jun 16, 2009 at 3:34 PM PDT This is a press release courtesy of the Mt. Hood National Forest The Gnarl Ridge Fire burned on the northeast slopes of Mt. Hood last summer in the vicinity of Cloud Cap Inn and Tilly Jane. In order to protect young emerging vegetation and to prevent erosion of soils within the burned area, most of the area will need to remain closed. There is one exception to this area closure. Visitors to Mt. Hood National Forest will be able to hike on the Tilly Jane Trail #643, a route used to access climbing routes which begin at the Cloud Cap Saddle. The area immediately adjacent to the Tilly Jane Trail will remain closed to public entry. The Polallie Ridge Trail #643-A will remain closed until rehabilitation and reconstruction work is completed. Road 3512, the road to Cloud Cap Inn will also remain closed until the road surface can be stabilized and culverts replaced. Once the road work is completed, the road will be able to accommodate recreational traffic. The closed area includes the area east of the historic Cloud Cap wagon road. Last winter a protective blanket of snow enabled forest managers to open the back country to winter recreation. With the blanket of snow now gone, the area is vulnerable to damage. The area also serves as an important zone of contribution to the Crystal Springs Water District which serves over 6,000 residents in the upper Hood River Valley. Due to these concerns, the Mt Hood Forest Supervisor has decided to keep the severely burned area of the fire closed to public entry during the summer and fall months until snow once again blankets and protects the burned area this coming winter. Last fall, much rehabilitation work such as aerial and hand mulching of severely, burned, erodible soils was completed. However, a substantial amount of work still needs to be completed this coming summer. For more information, please contact the Hood River Ranger District at 541-352-6002.
  15. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 6/6/2009

    Wow, now that is just asking for an accident! If one person falls, it would be like bowling for climbers!! How many can you take out?? Great pics btw!!
  16. Elliot Glacier Headwall

    Sweet! I wasn't aware that there was a trail going up it, guess I wasn't paying any attention!! I was thinking we would have to hike the 50 miles or so of switchbacks up the roadway!! thanks
  17. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 6/6/2009

    There was an ER doc, and a nurse on my buddies team that downclimbed to attend to him. haven't heard their version yet. They were leading a group of mixed new/intermediate climbers, and saw this on the way down. Glad the guy is ok! doesn't sound like a good thing to watch. dinomyte, great pics man. Thanks
  18. Elliot Glacier Headwall

    Is there an alternate way to get into the cooper spur area? How bout up to the sunshine route area? We were hoping to head up there this month, but doesn't sound like it will be a go. All I could find about it was to hike up the road.
  19. [TR] Mt Hood - South Side 6/6/2009

    we're there saturday morning, or saturday night into sunday? my buddy was there, on the summit apx 7 am. on the way down said some guy went tumbling head over heels down the chute towards crater rock. he is not the best at giving a good picture of what happened, so was wondering if you were there, or if you heard about this at all. He made it sound like a bad fall, but said the guy was just a little bruised and banged up. doesn't sound too bad to me!!
  20. More on Horsethief Butte Fatalities

    Only one bolt that i've seen there, and it sits about 10ft from the edge. I believe it was used as an anchor for climb schools, not to climb from but to protect those hanging around the top. All anchors are built with nuts, cams, or slings around rocks. Not sure how, or why, they would be connected to only one anchor? It says they may have thought they were tied in to another, but still. It sounds like a lot of guessing to me. With no one around to witness it and all, we may never know exactly what happened up there. Fairly small cliffs, about 20-30 ft on average on the inside of the butte. Seen people act pretty stupid there before. Guess people don't think they can get hurt on short cliffs like that. ??
  21. Dio

  22. DUDE WTF

    it's canadian, they're speaking canadianese.
  23. Dio

    wow, now thats a song i havent heard in quite awhile! Used to listen to them quite a bit in high school. thanks for the flash back!!
  24. Mt. Hood South Side Conditions Ice falling 5/24?

    Some more great pics!! Thanks. Love the shot of the knife ridge!