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  1. mt adams condition

    Wow! Lovin' the forcast! Hopefully the snow sticks around for a couple more weeks! Great pics Chris. Did you do the south route the whole way, or did you go up the mazama to the lunch counter?
  2. mt adams condition

    great, i'd love to see some pics if ya could! have a great trip, looking forward to hearing about it when you get back!
  3. mt adams condition

    looking forward to hearing from you! Good Luck! taking pics?
  4. Mt St Helens Road conditions

    we were up there may 21st. and when we picked up our permits at jacks, they said the road was scheduled to open the following friday, may 25.
  5. i was on st helens monday 5-21-07, and somehow lost my snowshoes off the back of my pack! if anyone has found them please respond to this post or email me at cowboy-501@comcast.net they are black and orange "little bear" 30" shoes. lost somewhere on the top half of the mountain! thank you

    snow was good. was snowing pretty good on the way up, but it was hot on the way down, and most of the snow down low was gone by the time we went back down. there were some climbers we came upon at 7000' who were digging a pit to check the avy danger. dug through 3 distinctive layers, and all three slid very easily, so we all came back down. all but 3 that we talked to turned around. the 3 that kept going were with the original group of six that dug the test pits.
  7. we are looking for conditions of st helens on the worm flow route. we are climbing at midnight sunday. we are wanting to know if we should take snowshoes/skis, or if booting it in would work. how much snow, etc... so, keep the info coming up until sunday. any pics would be great too. also, if you could keep posting about conditions at adams. we are planning on the mazama glacier route second weekend in june. more specifically on this one, road conditions to trail head. thanks dave
  8. conditions on st helens and adams.

    yeah, were leaving on sunday and coming back on monday. so, either day you go, we'll be there. planning on doing the mazama glacier on sunday, and camping at the top when we connect with the south ridge trail. getting ready to head to bed now. gonna head up st helens bout midnight tonight!! ill post a report soon. dave
  9. conditions on st helens and adams.

    very popular. the longer the season goes on, the longer the line up the south ridge. there are other routes that are fairly easy, but with less people. not sure about how they are for skiing though, as i have never been on skis before!
  10. conditions on st helens and adams.

    what route are you taking? were going mazama glacier, so hopefully there wont be a huge crowd! at least not up the first part. ive been to the website, just hoping for the most current info from those whove been up the mountain. the closer to the weekend were going the better. thanks thanks for conditions info.
  11. we were wanting to climb mt olympus this year, but the soonest we could go would be early to mid october. i am not familiar with the weather and conditions of the olympic mountains though and am wonder if this is a good time to go, or if we should wait until sprin 2008?
  12. is mount olympus in october a good idea?

    thanks for the info guys. i read (on cc.com i think) that the moat at the summit block was pretty large and difficult on the class 4, but not bad on the 5.4 section. we plan on climbing there. is this true (obviously it changes somewhat year to year, but we're looking for an average here!)? p.s. great pics!
  13. mt adams in winter

    we were wanting to climb the mazama glacier route on adams this coming weekend. just wondering if anyone could tell me what the access to the south side of the mountain is like. is it even possible to hike in a climb in two days this time of year? how long of an approach is it going to be? the forest service site says the campgrounds are closed, what would the closest road be we could take? or should we head to hood instead? weather permitting of course! thanks dave
  14. mt adams in winter

    great, thanks! i'll do that. we are definately wanting to get up there when theres still snow on the mountain.
  15. mt adams in winter

    i did the south ridge of south sister in october. also went up st helens acouple weeks ago. turned back a few hundred feet above snow line though. got up there late, and very low visiblity. this weekend the snow levels supposed to be up to 8000ft, which is almost to the summit of st helens, so we will go elsewhere. probably hood and just head up towards irock and back. just get a little climbing in above the rain!
  16. mt adams in winter

    great pics gary! private plane or commercial? yeah, sounds like adams is going to have to wait a few months. we'll try it when the trailheads open up. what is a good, close (within 100 miles or so) winter summit. we're are longtime backpackers, and rock climbers, and scramblers, but newer to the mountaineering. we all have basic glacier, and some rescue experience. hoping to work up to some big, technical summits eventually only have 2 days, including drive time. and we were planning on snowshoeing in.
  17. Mount St. Helen's is steaming

    i dont know about you, but i saw this in "route reports: southern washington cascades".