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  1. gear sale lots o stuff

    added another pair of climbing boots. asolo guide, size 11. these are from a friend. boots in great condition, almost perfect tread. torn liner on right boot, no laces. 60$ obo.
  2. mt adams condition

    until today there was some snow at the 6000 ft level but not much. the conditions for this weekend are going to be miserable. high winds, very low temps (teens) and tons of snow. here is the forcast for the next few days for about the 9000ft level of adams. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick.php?site=PDT&llon=-121.708747&rlon=-119.856247&tlat=47.027084&blat=45.174584&smap=1&mp=0&map.x=28&map.y=114
  3. Stuff for sale...

    what size is the rope? 30m x ??mm
  4. gear sale lots o stuff

  5. gear sale lots o stuff

    hey guys, got a lot of requests for stuff. i'm at work until about 7. ill respond to each email and pm then. thanks
  6. gear sale lots o stuff

    hey, hows it going? my buddy never made it. which wouldnt have been a big deal, except he had my crampons. so we made it to the glacier but that was it! we woke up the next day to no food, and the trash all over the place, we were attacked by camprobbers! no wind, but our tent was frozen solid. it was a great time, but pretty upset about the whole thing. i will never go anyplace relying on someone to show up later. but i got back and my wife let me know in no uncertain terms, she does not like me doing this. she doesnt mind me rockclimbing or hiking, but for some reason this bugs her. i think she watched the everest show too much!! anyhow, yeah, i still have the pickets, do you want all three? let me know, and we can meet up somewhere. and let me know if you want some books. dave
  7. gear sale lots o stuff

    not sure of the weight on the axes. the shorter one is aluminum and pretty light. the others are rei mountain axes, you can probably find the weight if you check rei.com both pair of boots are size 10 (usa)
  8. gear sale lots o stuff

    steel. black, with yellow straps.
  9. The sad loss of a legend

    got this in an email from a friend win the area. its from the local paper. Sunday morning, 55-year-old Jim Anglin of White Salmon, Wash. and two friends went on a climbing trip to the southeast end of Smith Rock State Park. The three were descending into the gorge along a steep climbers trail when Anglin lost his footing and fell 100 feet to his death. Search and Rescue teams from the Deschutes County Sheriff's office responded and recovered Anglin's body from the bottom of the gorge. Paramedics from the Redmond Fire Department confirmed that he had died from the fall. Anglin and his climbing partners had been heading down into the gorge to climb routes in that area of the park. Anglin, an experienced rock climber, and his partners were outfitted with all of the appropriate climbing gear. However, he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the fall
  10. USS Porter

    aarrrgggghhhh matey! that be the mother of all pirate boats!
  11. i have to quit sugar

    14.6 lbs well that explains alot! gotta give up soda, and get out more often!
  12. FS: More Stuff

    how much for the third tool? and where are you located?
  13. i have to quit sugar

    my one vice is pepsi. it wouldnt be so bad if i only had it now and then, but i drink it ALL the time! i need to quit, but it is hard to do. id probably lose a lot of weight, and climb without getting tired so quick. good luck on quitting sugar! i hope it works out for you.
  14. Packs, shoes, & stuff, free to good homes:tup:

    there it goes. pm sent
  15. Packs, shoes, & stuff, free to good homes:tup:

    tried to send pm. not working. email me at dwellcome AT comcast DOT net
  16. mt adams condition

    sweet! sounds like a lot of fun. did you get any pics?
  17. mt adams condition

    has anybody else been up on adams lately? either the mazama glacier, or the southtrail?
  18. rei axe is green, was a rental at one time. head and spike in great shape, shaft scratched up. black diamond alpine bod harness in great shape. asking 50$ for the pair. dwellcomeATcomcastDOTnet
  19. harness is a size medium. the axe is similar to this one, but green, and not as new and says "rental" on it.
  20. FS: BD Turbo Express Screws

    i would like 2 of the 22s. pm sent
  21. bump, harness size medium.
  22. wanted: ice screws

    looking for some ice screws. preferably titanium. can spend 20-25$ each, looking for 4-5. to be used as anchors on glacier climbs, not ice climbing. im in vancouver, wa. area
  23. wanted: ice screws

  24. snow shoes

    i lost a pair of snow shoes (little bear brand, in orange and black, size 35 if im remembering correctly) on mt st helens in may. i posted soon after, but am trying again as winter is here and i cannot afford a new pair! so if you found them, please be kind and let me know! Thank you dave
  25. price on the mountain hardwear jacket?