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  1. Missing on Hood

    our prayers go out to all involved! anyone know who the climbers were?
  2. Im wanting to take the kids and wife sledding tomorow (1-1-08) and was wondering if anyone knew of any sledding hills near battle ground. by near, i mean closer than mt hood, or oldman pass area. are there any near mt st helens? without climbing onto the mountain itself? kids range from 8-13, so looking for something easy to get to, but exciting for the older one (and me of course!) thanks. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! dave
  3. Rappel Device for 11mm static rope

    ive used the 8 without much problem
  4. Ice Screws

    pm sent
  5. Winter Route on Hood?

    dont stub your toe, or you'll be all over the news
  6. Jack's Burned Down

    went up to try st helens early monday (didnt even make it to the snow park, too much snow, and not plowed yet to marble mountain at 4am) and jacks was in a pile, and still smoldering. awful sight! waiting to hear the report on what happened. gonna miss the place.
  7. Climbing Gear For Sale!!!

    do you still have the ropes? where are you located?
  8. New Newbie

    welcome to washington! hope you enjoy!
  9. st helens this weekend

    looks like this weekend is going to be interesting up on st helens. we were planning on going up about 1am saturday, but after seeing this we made need to change dates. the storm hits sunday. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick.php?minlon=-125&maxlon=-120.8&minlat=43.39&maxlat=46.91&mapwidth=354&site=pqr&map.x=264&map.y=69
  10. st helens this weekend

    i talked to my buddies. were going to head to the mm snow park 330am monday, hike up the worm flows and take a look. if its to bad, we'll go hike into the ape caves. any one else wanna come? s2d, let me know how it looks, and how far you made it. good luck
  11. Jack's Burned Down

    climbers register is at the cougar store now. im definately going to miss jacks. it was a must stop. we've been in there a few times when the restaraunt was already closed, but they cooked us up some grub anyway. you dont see that very much anymore!
  12. Road conditions to St Helen's Bivi?

    cant believe jacks burned down! crazy. our prayers go out for the owners. looks like the avy danger is going to go up this weekend. may be just sticking to the ridge, and have to abandon the summit. any one know of any routes that get close to the top without crossing any snow fields? probably not eh. i know the worm flows has a large one at the top, but if i remember correctly, until about 6800ft, you can stay on the ridge, and should be out of harms way, no? i dont want to abandon the trip altogether, but then again, i would also like to be able to come back and see my wife and kids again!!!!!
  13. Road conditions to St Helen's Bivi?

    figured it was. any idea what the conditions on the mountain are? did you go up to the marble mountain snow park and head up at all? thats where we are heading, then up the worm flows.
  14. Two Ice Screws Like new!

    what kind of screws are they? brand and material.
  15. Winter Camping/Backpacking

    http://portlandhikers.com/ has a lot of stuff in the southwest washington area if your interested in this part of the state.
  16. Road conditions to St Helen's Bivi?

    hey, anyone been up to st helens lately? im guessing the road to the bivi is closed. any idea of conditions on the mountain? heading up next weekend.
  17. Free stuff in Moscow, ID

    anything left?
  18. South Sister Conditions

    what route are you doing?
  19. gear sale lots o stuff

    will be putting on ebay soon. due to family reasons i am selling some of my mountain gear. all gear has been on climbs, some though, have never been off my backpack. used on lower grade climbs, south route hood, mazama on adams, st. helens, elliot glacier. no falls, all in good to great shape. will deliver if purchase is over 100$, to portland/vancouver area only. limited days available to deliver. no pics at this time. feel free to come look at it, then decide. everything is in used, but very good condition. will post pics as soon as i get a camera. will sell seperately, prefer local. if doesnt sell local withing two weeks, will consider shipping. if you dont see want you want here, let me know, i may have it. not gonna sell everything you know!!! 20 degree north face "windy pass" sleeping bag. used, good condition. 40$ 1 75 cm rei mountain ice axe green , well used and scuffed 40$ 1 65 cm ice axe red 30$ selected climbs in the cascades, volume 1 and 2 great shape 15$each climbing washingtons mountains jeff smoot, great shape 10$ size large (im a 34 waist, and these fit good, adjustable waist) north face mountaineering pants. built in gaiters, quarter zip on sides. great shape, waterproof. 75$ i also have another pair of asolo guide boots (green) size 11 i am selling for a friend. boots in great shape right boot liner torn, no laces. 60
  20. gear sale lots o stuff

    yeah, they came and got them this morning. sorry.
  21. gear sale lots o stuff

    ill try to get pics up tonight or tomorow.
  22. gear sale lots o stuff

    if you go to ebay and search for asolo guide boots, there is a pair on there. mine are a little newer, but they look the same. i have a pair of cuffs also that come off the liner over the back of the boots.
  23. mt adams condition

    thats usually the way it is eh? bummer!
  24. gear sale lots o stuff

    i have someone coming to look at them today. ill let you know if the sale goes through or not.