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  1. St. Helens

    yep, great eh
  2. Hood conditions?

    yep. we'll check it out tonight and see. of all the places to have ANY kind of accident, hood is not it! news cameras would be out in force. hoping i don't stub my toe and end up on the 10 o'clock report.
  3. Hood conditions?

    we are heading up tonight. should start climbing around midnight. ill let you know how the conditions were when we get back.
  4. South sister Early may

    do you mean prouty glacier? hayden is on the middle sister i believe.
  5. Mountaineering Crampons with heel bail - $20

    ill take em. do you take pay pal. im in sw wash area.
  6. FS: assorted gear

    do you still have the avy probe? pmd
  7. Have new toddler but still love to climb

    can you make it a family thing? ive seen it happen with the guys quitting also, although not as often! spend some time climbing on your own, with the guys, but get a kids full body harness and spend some time out with the kid on the rock. let the wife know that when you go as a family, it will be more about spending time with her and the kid. eventually she will (hopefully) come around. took about 10 years for mine!!!! but now i have 3 girls ages 8,9, and 13, who love to climb. things change when you have kids, but they dont have to stop!! good luck. dave
  8. The forest service says it is not plowing the roads to the snow park for the rest of the season. I was wondering if anyone has been up lately, if it was passible at all. The snow levels have gone up, not sure if thats enough to melt the 7ft of snow thats is supposed to be at marble mountain though.
  9. had them say roads were impassable before, and made it up fine with chains, no actual gates. i was wondering if anyones actually gone up and looked, or if the info on the forest service site has kept all from trying, like me! (so far)
  10. Various Ice Gear/Clothes

    pm on jackets
  11. What kind of skis are best for climbing? Are there more than one kind? I would like to try it out, but i have never skied (sp?) before, and am not even sure this would be a good idea with my lack of experience on skis. Do you use climbing boots, or do you have to wear ski boots? If you wear ski boots, can you climb in them when it gets to steep/technical to ski? Seems like this would be the way to go with long winter approaches, and could make coming down the mountain a little less painful. One more question, what kind of prices would I be looking at to buy a used setup? Thanks for you patience!! dave
  12. Worm Flows or Crescent Ridge

    both the marble mountain and cougar snow parks are closed du to too much snow. the road is closed at the junction with 90. too much snow for the plows. we're going to try again on the 13th. hopefully it will be ok, then to hood the first week of march. good luck next time eh
  13. Tiny/Kids Shoes For Sale - New $10

    im coming into clackamas and then over to sw anyhow, so its ok. i can give you a call when im on my way. do you want me to come to your house, or would you rather meet somewhere? just need an address, and a number to call when im on my way. dave
  14. Tiny/Kids Shoes For Sale - New $10

    ill take em, i can come down and pick em up on sunday morning. 10 bucks sounds good to me.
  15. Worm Flows or Crescent Ridge

    last time we tried, we couldn't get to the park. snow was too deep on the roads. good luck.
  16. Worm Flows or Crescent Ridge

    the snowmobilers arent a problem that i've noticed, except as you cross through the parking lot to get to the trail. then there are none from there up. there are avalanche warnings up right now, we'll see what conditions are going to be like this weekend though. you would have to go into cougar to get the permit. im hoping to go up sunday evening/monday morning. let me know what the conditions are like when you get back would ya? thanks, good luck dave
  17. wtb crampons

    looking for 2 pairs of crampons. strap on type, like grivel g10s, or equivalent. used, good shape.
  18. wtb crampons

    wow, thats pretty cool. thanks for the link.
  19. Missing on Hood

    great to see you guys are ok. nice report!
  20. Beacon Outings

    i don't think ive posted that before? good answers, works for me!
  21. Beacon Outings

    just wondering why beacon stuff always comes up in the oregon section?
  22. FS: OR Gore-Tex Gaiters

  23. Missing on Hood

  24. st helens

    great! sounds like decent weather this coming weekend too, so hopefully will be a good trip. couldnt even get to the snow park last time!