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  1. Glaciers conditions on Shasta???

    I went up last weekend. The glacier is mostly ice now. But it made for good climbing. Coming down was slow. Oh, we were the only two on the mountain. Very strange.
  2. Glaciers conditions on Shasta???

    Good question. check out Http://www.shastaavalanche.org/reports.htm Most of the couloirs are turning to ice really fast. I would think Shasta is doing the same. It sounds like some of the guides are using ice screws for part of the climb. So, it might not be such an easy walk up any more. I'm heading there next weekend. It looks like there will be more melt off this week as 100's for temps in the valleys, and 90 up here in Truckee.
  3. California Couloir question

    No one posted to my question so I had to go check it out for myself. I started with Dana Couloir this weekend and may try for North Peak next weekend. This week the climbing was fairly easy, the glacier ice is not in just yet; however, I would think within the next two weeks the rest of the snow will melt out and make for some good alpine ice climbing.
  4. I'm glad I read this I still where jeans climbing. Its still ok to wear jeans skiing right? Nice TR! Way more then I have done this year.
  5. California Couloir question

    Has anyone been on any of the California Couloirs lately (north peak, Dana)? I heard that they are already ice. I can't believe that but it was a strange and cold winter. Any info would be helpful, thanks a ton.
  6. Moving to Fairbanks AK?

    Thanks for all the info. I need to think about this.
  7. Moving to Fairbanks AK?

    I just had a phone interview for a job in Fairbanks...? Its a great job and good pay but...It seems far away from everything. Can some one give me some feedback on how the world of climbing/skiing is up there? I know Denali is a two hour drive but thats not a weekend trip. Thanks for the help.
  8. Any ideas on climbers insurance, for injuries?
  9. Bellingham temps/Poor Baker

  10. Does anyone besides me get a little down about this? I’ve always been fairly liberal with environmental stuff, but at the same time tried not to worry to much as I can only do so much. But… “AFTER A VERY WARM TUESDAY NIGHT...EVEN WARMER CONDITIONS ARE EXPECTED WEDNESDAY WITH HIGHS REACHING INTO 90S TO AROUND 100 ACROSS THE AREA. THIS 20 TO 30 DEGREES ABOVE NORMAL AND WILL CREATE VERY UNCOMFORTABLE CONDITIONS.” This seems a bit sad. It looks like even at the 10,000-foot mark, 60 degrees! Baker is melting! Any climatologist out there with any positive news about glacier melt off?
  11. Alpine ice/Lake Stuart/Solo

    The Shrud on the Sherpa opening early sounds like it could be a good challenge for myself and partner. We can always turn around. However, we will never know unless we try. its going to be a bit cooler next week we will have to assess then. As far as advice given to me by the locals regarding my possible solo on the 4th, thank you. However, the question did not have much to do with the shrud or Mountaineer Creek? Other then I didn't want to do the approach to Sherpa GL solo, which does involve Mountaineer Creek. It sounds like you may have read my question incorrectly. If I can clarify anything for you please let me know. I always take local advice seriously and assess it for goals vs. danger, but it doesn't mean it will keep me from trying something and turning around. A open Shrud is not life threatening, but could be a fun day out. So if I decide to try this route I will keep my eyes open, thanks. dude ... you asked for advice ... so listen to what the locals are telling you ... it is common local knowledge that the shrud on the Sherpa opens pretty early ... if you are dead set on the Stuart Range plan on (be ready for) the Ice Cliff and the descent via Mountaineer Creek
  12. Alpine ice/Lake Stuart/Solo

    Funny, funny, just for that I am going back to the Ice Cliff next week. Baker the next and the Wedge after that. Of course my partner will be coming along. Oh... I was looking at Mount Maude. That looked like a good climb as well. More Californians, No Doubt! Alpine ice season here, except for the volcanoes, is like February, March, and sometimes April. If there's good enough wedder, of course.
  13. Alpine ice/Lake Stuart/Solo

    My partner is seeing Willie Nelson today . I wanted to stay near by and do a solo but instead I am working today in order to open up other opportunities for later. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will keep the Sherpa GL as a opption for later this year when it is a bit cooler. Its like 100 some degrees today 4th of July on the East side .
  14. Alpine ice/Lake Stuart/Solo

    NO!!! Don't say that this is Washington home of alpine ice and other fun stuff that doesn't involve rock.
  15. Any ideas for a one-day solo with some Alpine ice out of Lake Stuart? I was thinking about going to the Sherpa glacier, but I don’t want to do that approach solo. I did Culchuck glacier the other day a good day hike not so much of a climb. Any ideas? Thank you