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  1. Thinking about doing Glacier peak this weekend. Anyone know the current snow line and the best (shortest) approach (white?). I am wondering if we'll be in the snow the whole time and how slow that will make us....
  2. did you go? how was it? thinking about doing it this weekend
  3. I recommend this http://www.montbell.us/products/disp.php?cat_id=73&p_id=2301405
  4. URL http://www.warmlite.com/start.htm
  5. these tents sound really attractive, are they really all that and a bag of chips? Anyone have one? I am considering getting the three-person version. It's hard to turn down about 1-1.5lb per person.
  6. or get married to someone that will do it with you. :-) but still have to stay away from the kids part.
  7. I was in feathered friends a few weeks ago and asked them why they don't create UL down gear because I was in the market for one. They said they won't make one because it wouldn't be very durable, ie the down would not last that long since it's so little down. *shrug* I ended up getting a UL montbell synthetic jacke that I am very happy with so far.
  8. I am part of King County Search and Rescue. We got called out in a mission for the first time that was activated by a SPOT. The hiker accidentally hit the "help" button. Other than having a hard time getting to the hiker's account (SPOT would not give the sheriff access to the account) the device coordinates were right where he activated. Since he was OK we found him about 15 miles north continuing on his hike. So in the end I would definitely go for one but I am not convinced it was much of a test since we have had great weather around here so reception should be strong.
  9. I love my denali ascents. I highly recommend getting the ascent version of whatever model you get.
  10. what model? what material? how has it been stored?
  11. maybe it's common? I had a friend that just had this problem, after MUCH complaining they fixed it.
  12. Are all the seams welded? edit: I guess they are Welded Seam technology for reduced weight and improved wet weather performance, durability, softness and compressibility
  13. Isn't it? http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/collection.jsp?OPTION=COLLECTIONS_DISPLAY_HANDLER&catcode=MAIN_SP07_US.CLOTHING_GEAR.MENS.JACKETS.SOFT_SHELL
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