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  1. Outer Space Cluster F....

    titties flopping free like an unnamed member of the cc.com hierarchy? now that's funny.
  2. Outer Space Cluster F....

    i did your mom real slow, with other climbers waiting their turn w/o a condom.
  3. Outer Space Cluster F....

    It's out in the Columbia Gorge. Slozone or something like that. i get it, slozone. YOUR A TOOL, AND SO IS CJ. you are not funny. how about if we meet on top of SCW so i can beat both of you silly.
  4. Outer Space Cluster F....

    Nope - but your momma's getting pissed I'm spraying on the net and not on her face oh boy! i love it when cj, pussy squirts. do you shave your pussy bald, or do you have a full blown bush? please, please don't hit me with your puss.
  5. Outer Space Cluster F....

    yeah, at your house. does your mommy know that your on the internet. wonder what she thinks about you spending so much time in the bathroom.
  6. Outer Space Cluster F....

    isn't there a remedial wall out there for slow climbers. don't be that guy.
  7. What trip report threads should be:

    i take a fence to that. []______[]______[]______[]______[]______[]______[] []______[]______[]______[]______[]______[]______[] []______[]______[]______[]______[]______[]______[] []______[]______[]______[]______[]______[]______[] []______[]______[]______[]______[]______[]______[] GRASSGRASSGRASSGRASSGRASSGRASSGRASSGRASS a golfer could easily kill a chessmaster. golf is a very difficult game. calling it a sport is a stretch. chess is a perfect game. golf would be perfect, if their wasn't so many goddamn hat heads out there.
  8. What trip report threads should be:

    are you on the shitter?
  9. What trip report threads should be:

    life is passing you by norton. i guess festering on a ledge freezing your ass off while spooning your partner , because you got be-nighted is a relative thing. i will be thinking about shivering on that ledge while i am fucking your mom in the ass. i bet your one of those poeple who walks around outside of cocerts with your index finger in the air, and your thumb up your ass. love, flyingpig
  10. What trip report threads should be:

    i doubt it. they are weenie from head to toe.
  11. [TR] Beacon Rock- Young Warriors 9/24/2006

    jimis the coolest, jim say's joseph is cool to. neither one of them post about beacon anymore. i would think you were cool if you didn't.
  12. What trip report threads should be:

    even golfers have to move fast, and golfers are the biggest weenies of all. speed is saftey. when i move slow, it means i'm in over my head. i probably wasn't ready for the route. i hate being that guy. don't be that guy.
  13. Better than Stone Nudes?

    i wish my girlfriend liked girls.
  14. Outer Space Cluster F....

    sounds like an inner child c.f.
  15. Best tools for the upcoming season...

    tough call. lots of tools around here.
  16. Outer Space Cluster F....

    marshall, is that you? you spoda be white.
  17. Prusik Peak, South Face Route 9/22-9/23

    punk, punk., punk, punk.
  18. Outer Space Cluster F....

    bunch of bad asses on cc.com. we should challenge some other climbing website to a death match.
  19. Outer Space Cluster F....

    i went chucky cheese and this lame little kid took forever on the wack a mole game. i beat the fuck out of the little shit, and had my way with his mom.
  20. Outer Space Cluster F....

    if they are so bad ass. Why are they doing outerspace? I think they just might be ready for infinite bliss.
  21. ¢

    punk, punk, punk, punk.
  22. ¢

  23. Mt Hood South Side is SICK!!!!!!!!

    Whats a recreational climber? Are people climbing in the South side this time of year? someone who only climbs, when their at a party.
  24. Outer Space Cluster F....

    Started the day on the 10b Direct Variation only to come up on some newbies. from cc.com ?
  25. Better than Stone Nudes?

    that beats ricky ishoy with her hard nips on the cover of the fag mag.