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  1. WTB- Petzl Quarks

    Set or adze only. Charlet Moser version ok. Need to update!
  2. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 6/26/2010

    weather doesn't look so hot. might postpone. Thanks for the update guys.
  3. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 6/26/2010

    also headed up this weekend- when you say the bottom of the glacier, do you mean the hogsback camp? or down at the toe, like at murkwood or whatever it's called? I'm just not sure where the best place to cross over is. Did you take the shortcut up the ridge or head up the ridge proper. Thanks for the update, looking forward to this, but not the descent...
  4. [TR] Mt Baker--North Ridge attempt--June14-15

    great report. I am headed up as soon as I can in the next couple weeks. Did you boot it to camp or did you ski/shoe? If you look at the pic of the whole ridge, where did you gain access to the ridge proper? I was thinking 8 screws and 3 pickets- any advice on pro/gear? Awesome pics, too bad it didn't work.
  5. Has anyone biked or hiked from the washout? 4 miles isn't that bad...but I assume you can't park at the washout, so what's the total travel to the trailhead?
  6. is this real or one bad joke. Is there any other way in? I mean what are the guides doing for all the courses in there this summer?
  7. still fairly cold and there is some new snow up high. I guess the only way to find out is to look at it myself.
  8. anyone up there recently? Its getting awfully warm out, but I want one more go...If I can convince my partner that a 4am ascent might be fun, I will go check it out.
  9. I read that trip report on your late night Ramp adventure Don. That was awesome. Good on you guys. I hate that road with so much passion (coming down all I want to see is that damn water tank) that I dont know if I could handle it at 12am, but I like the sound of a moon filled night scampering up that ramp.
  10. It's warming up, but it keeps snowing, anyone know how long this route is usually climbable? I was up about 6 weeks ago, and it was a slog, would be better colder, but I want one more before the season ends...
  11. West Lion NE Buttress-Winter?

    excellent Don, thanks for that.
  12. Has anyone done this route in the winter? I understand there is some avi hazard on the scree slope to access, but has it been done recently? Access point, route info, etc?
  13. Mt. Baker North Ridge conditions

    Whats the status here? I was thinking of going to the North Ridge this Sun/Mon but weather looks terrible.
  14. Where is the snow relative to the heliotrope trailhead now? Want to do North Ridge next weekend. Snowshoes necessary on the approach?
  15. Cool, thanks for the info. Love to go tomorrow but just can't. I've got a score to settle with that west lion, so if I have to leave at 5am from the lot to get solid snow, so be it! Should be a great day for photography at any rate... teach me to read that map, looks like a 5 year old went nuts with crayons on the wall