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  1. This is 5 miles past the new trail head for Mailbox. Parking on the side and about an 1.5 hour walk up to the SW side of Quartz Mountain.
  2. Thanks for posting Michael. Yes, I agree, was a fun great climb. I think I would add a couple of small things. 1. The guidebook mentioned that you should be ready for some runouts. And yes, there were some, but to us, it felt that it was on easy terrain. I am a 5.9 climber and did not feel bad running out on pitch 2 and 4. And other places. But aside from easy pitch 2, it would allow for some gear, even if sparse. 2. Yes, a single rack is more than enough. I think this is what we were talking about the most when we topped out. If route setter reads this, I am very curious about the old bolts on the route. (like 20+ years old). Are they taking up a different path? Do you know anything about the old bolts? Super fun day for a climb of the beaten path when you are tired of the crag. :-)
  3. Hi all, Great site with many good TR and loads of other good stuff, and given the expertise of many of you guys I was wondering if someone had some recommendations for where to head out for a 5-day solitude endeavor? (Approx July 1st – 7th) Looking for a place where I can make a base camp and maybe have three or four days of good mountains around me. Climbing up to 5.5 is good and/or some nice ridges and traverses. Live in Seattle and have been playing with Bugaboos in my head but not sure if the road conditions and access is to much for my bug. Would love to check out Northern Cascades which is a place I have never been. Cheers, -Ornulf