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  1. Preventing Rust

    My BD tools rust a lot but my Petzolds don't. Either way to minimize the rusting at the end of the day I will take a cloth rag and wipe the tools dry. This helps alot. You may be putting them away damp.
  2. pictures would be helpfull. Are you in the neiborhood can I stop by to look at them?
  3. FS BD Bibler Eldorado

    Check you email please to contact me. Thanks.
  4. WTB- Your old size 12 boots

    Where do you live ? I may have some.
  5. WTB: Crampons and other misc items

    I have seen guys that that don't use tents to get to the top of Ranier on the Muir route. They would stay at the stone shelter.
  6. sweet fusion tatoo!

    Hope its a Hena tat. Technology changes. Glad I didn't do a hummingbird tool.
  7. Where are good plaes to find used gear...Koflach

    Outer shells fit two different sizes. Koflach would just put a different inner insulation for the different size feet. If you decided to go with the intuition liner (I recomend it) you may have more flexibility in the size you are trying to get.
  8. "Naked" V-threads

    If the area was comletely dry I've done it. I wouldn't ever consider doing it on a wet climb.
  9. 5) Alti Gloves $30 (Seam Sealed). 9) Grivel G14 w/ OR case. $70. Step-in binding. 11) ARC TERYX Theta AR BIBS. Men's MED/ TALL. $200. Could you do pictures? Gloves are XL? Step in is what format?
  10. Alpine boot question - new climber

    2 cents Don't commit much money to boots yet. Do the scratch and dent or rent plastics at REI or RMI. You probably will be walking in snow for most of the trip. If you plan on more winter stuff then look into plastics. If your sticking with summer Tetons stuff then rent for the one time you do Rainier. My feet get cold easly.
  11. I thought I sent a message but I got the following This user is over their Private Topic limit. What is the style number and the cut number? You can find it on the back side of the tag inside of the pants. Send me a way to contact you.
  12. I've got long underware pants from MEC that I use with the Dead bird siloppette. I like them. I have both the thin long underware and the thicker weight. They use zippers. Pattagonia had a opening on one of their old styles but is not made anymore. Back then I went with MEC because the pattagooch just has so much extra cloth.