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  1. Foot drop

    An AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) may be helpful and wouldn't have that strap between top of foot and shin. That strap looks like it would be just asking for trouble on even a mildly brushy approach. If you have foot drop, get thee to a physical medicine & rehab med specialist. Otherwise known as a physiatrist (not psychiatrist). There may well be some interventions that could help, including AFOs and compensatory training with a good neuro-MSK PT. I work with patients who have neuro conditions. Not shilling for myself since I'm a generalist. There are a number of good specialists in the field, though. Hope you find something that helps.
  2. Enchantments Hike thru this coming weekend

    This was posted when I checked this morning: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/okawen/news-events/?cid=STELPRDB5390935 Click on map link on that site and you'll get a PDF with closures from Chiwawa/Fernow area down to Hwy 97, and from Icicle Creek Rd to Stuart and Asgaard Pass. They say the Upper Enchantments basin is still open, but you have to go IN the Slow Snow Lks route.
  3. I'm thinking of cutting the slings off my new C4s

    I cut the damn slings off because I don't want someone else dictating what length runner I use on the pro. Yeah, I'd leave 'em if all I did was cragging on linear routes.... But for classic Cascade alpine wandering sorta-choss routes, it's simpler to have separate slings to use for the each specific placement. IM(NS)HO. Besides, anything over 10kN will likely lethally damage the average human.
  4. Ranger shot at Mt Rainier NP - not good

    Count another in.
  5. Gear distribution- 4 man rope team

    IMNSHO: Each person should carry a picket -- and stashed in a way so if you're holding a fall, you can whip out the picket one-handed, and place it, whilst still keeping t' other hand on your ice axe anchor. Practice a bit beforehand. Bit of a drag if the persons carrying the pickets are the ones in the hole. Of course, the later in the season, the harder the snow and the less the likelihood of getting a picket in solidly one-handed.
  6. enchantments camping permits?

    "...or pick a trail off the beaten path. Try Enchantment Peak, Hook & Rat Creeks or come in from Ingalls Creek up Crystal Creek." Hah! Friend of mine got busted at the top of Rat Creek. Granted, that probably doesn't happen very often.
  7. Chest-Hugging Backpack

    Have you snugged up the load-lifter straps (from the top of pack to shoulder straps)? They help take some of the weight off the top of your shoulders. Start with hipbelt snugged up first before adjusting shoulder straps. People come in all sizes and proportions; not always an easy match to packs. Go to a good, small, gear store and get some advice from someone who actually gets out and uses the gear. IMNSHO.
  8. Kelty Redwing for weekend mountaineering?

    Panel-loading packs can indeed be accessed without putting the back down on the snow to unzip the entire panel. Simply stand the pack up, and unzip the top 1/4 of the pack. Then you can reach in and start digging around in it just like you would a top-loader. Guess it's a spatial-relations-thinking type problem that keeps people from understanding this. However the Redwing looks rather wide for a good alpine pack. I'd suggest looking for something sleeker. Go take a look at some of the Montbell packs (Pro Mtn Sports); they're my current fave for mtneering.
  9. Wow, great climb. BTW the approach/deproach isn't so bad for the non-koolaided. Looking forward to your pics.
  10. Anker does like Mallory

    Cool to see if Conrad & Co can do it. Those guys back in the ol' days were tough.