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  1. Dyneema/Spectra webbing lifetime?

    Tugboat thanks for your work and posting the info! Cool stuff. To be honest, I am mainly interested in this kind of thing from an academic standpoint. I have yet to see anything that really gives me serious pause with regard to the gear on my own rack. Like I said...it's interesting. Sorry but I don't know any specs on the rig. Only that it was at a climbing mfr. we all know and use and done as a favor to satisfy my own curiosity.
  2. Dyneema/Spectra webbing lifetime?

    Yes that's true. Tugboats data seemed to contradict this.
  3. Dyneema/Spectra webbing lifetime?

    Tugboat, that's interesting. I've had 5-year old Mammut 8mm slings pull tested after 4-5 years of moderate use and they reliably failed at 50-60% in multiple tests. I believe this has been noted by others as well. note: of course 50% is still 11kn-ish...
  4. Older REI Expedition -20 degree bag

    I've open bivied in mine in low teens and moderate wind and actually been tooooooasty warm.
  5. Insulated Mountaineering Boots. Auto- compatible. Almost new - used maybe twice on snow/ice. Great NW cold weather boots. $100 + shipping.
  6. Mad Rock Alpinist Insulated Mtn. Boots - $100

    bump again... make an offer... Rue they are still yours if you've settled your sizing questions...
  7. [TR] Mt Hood - Cooper Spur 2/3/2011

    That's Dave and Ryan on the NF. I'll let 'em know you posted up.
  8. where from? you have 1 rope or 2? looked like the last party to the p2 ledge probably had done just that, as the cordelette was set up over hte edge - holy shit it looks like they would have had a scary time getting onto the rap though! Wasn't too bad actually. We were at the huge ledge at the base of P3. Full rap distance is a fair bit less than 60...but a lot more than 30. Having a single 60m line meant things were slightly more complicated...but not much. Genius idea - fix and haul up the 2nd one...no worries. Back home/at work in time to keep from getting fired...so 'twas a successful day in my book. We'll go back.
  9. Hey! I bailed off that Free Lunch thing-a-ma-jigger once. Sweet TR Ivan.
  10. Mad Rock Alpinist Insulated Mtn. Boots - $100

    buuuuuump. sale fell through...
  11. DMM Ice Tools - $150

    DMM Fly's with leashes. Still in very good shape. $150 plus shipping. Located in Bend, OR.
  12. DMM Ice Tools - $150

    Sold. Thanks for the interest folks.
  13. Mad Rock Alpinist Insulated Mtn. Boots - $100

    bump. These are solid boots in excellent shape that will last through a LOT of (cold) climbs.
  14. Mad Rock Alpinist Insulated Mtn. Boots - $100

    sorry guys...the size might be useful information right? Size is 11.5 US. For reference, I wear size 11 in Nike and salomon running shoes. thanks, js
  15. DMM Ice Tools - $150

    Joeicarus - sending you a PM.
  16. Mount Hood -- last day of 2010.

    heheh...lets just keep that Mt. Hood in winter time myth going. Keeps the riff-raff out. Compared to a spring-time Mongolian Horde Siege of the Hoodwand, things were downright pleasant Sunday morning. A relatively leisurely parking lot departure of 5:15am, temp inversion keeping us nice and toasty warm in the low 20s, mostly firm and stable snow, almost windless summit, clear as a bell summit views, slightly less obnoxious than normal boot-pack up the trade route, complete lack of rope/climber-floss teams above you in the old chute, and down in time for breakfast AND a quick session at Smith Rock on the way home... Yup...the South Side ain't so bad in the winter time. Nice start to the year. The rest of the mountain awaits.
  17. smith theif

    buaahahahaha! This is entertaining. Hope the video stays up.
  18. REI Sucks

    lol... no Hugh...I'm not too worried about how you spend your money. Do your thing brah.
  19. REI Sucks

    whatever works for ya buddy.
  20. REI Sucks

    Kinda funny to watch all the hoops people jump through when they want to justify something. If you aren't satisfied with boots lasting only a decade, or your sleeping bag melting when you slept next to the fire, or the jacket that "tore" when your kid took a scissors to it, or the pants that wore a hole in the seat after hiking the entire PCT, or can't figure out how to patch your own thermarest...you CAN return it. Hooray for you! If you're ok with that...go right ahead. You're apparently completely helpless ... but go ahead. =) And don't forget to complain about how over-priced all this outdoor gear is as you walk out the door. Or wonder why companies focus on markets they can actually make money off of. Or rip on all those chumps who paid full price for that dead bird harness. You're better than them anyway.
  21. REI Sucks

    lemme get this straight... people are pissed off that REI doesn't carry gear that they can buy and abuse for 5 years...and then return... riiiiight. And ya wonder why REI is abandoning the dirtbags...? ha!
  22. Trout Creek Conditions

    It's snowy...and yes...you can still climb. You're welcome. =)
  23. New simple GPS recommendations for climbing?

    yeah, i think it's limited to six. I'll try to remember to check tomorrow when I have access to one. Might also call the NW rep to get some specs...since i'm a tech-weenie when it comes to gear...
  24. New simple GPS recommendations for climbing?

    I believe the Foretrex is actually running a newer antenna than your old Geko. I ran that by a rep and all the non-quad-helix models are using what is generically referred to as the High Sensitivity antenna. Same as on my Vista and the Oregon touch-screen models. I've never had a need for the bulky quad-helix models like the new 62s. Those are the only two options I know of.