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  1. SOLD La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX size 44.5 in used but adequate condition. $50 plus shipping. SOLD SOLD Scarpa Alpha double plastics size 11 also well loved but still very serviceable. have original liners but are a good candidate for an Intuition upgrade. $50 plus shipping. SOLD Mad Rock Alpinist single insulated boots in size 11.5. Used for one climb and did not fit. In almost new condition. $65 plus shipping.
  2. Single Insulated Tech Boots - MR Alpinist boot

    Bump for the Mad Rock boots. $65 (shipped) for a true Oregon 4-season mountaineering single-boot that takes any crampon - tech or strap on. They are in EXCELLENT condition...with essentially 99% of their life left. $65 - come on......it's a good deal! And I don't have room to keep them....
  3. SOLDMountain HardWear 800 fill Phantom +15F size Long in very good condition. No tears or damage. Always stored in storage bag (i.e. not "stuffed"). - $150 plus shipping or meet me at Smith Rock/Central OR.SOLD Mountain HardWear UltraLamina +15F size regular in very good condition. used sporadically for a handful of trips. Stored properly. $100 plus shipping or meet me at Smith Rock/Central OR/Bend... TNF Cat's Meow - a still very useable Cat's Meow that's gotten a little packed out but still serves well for two season use. $50 plus shipping or meet me at Smith Rock/Central OR. I'll ship the bags stuffed so I'd expect shipping to be in the $10 range.
  4. sleeping bags - down and synthetic

    bump! Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina +15 lightweight high quality synthetic bag. Outdoor Gear Lab (SuperTopo) Review
  5. sleeping bags - down and synthetic

    Bump. MHW Phantom is sold/pending payment. Other bags are available. UltraLamina is a really nice, lightweight synthetic bag. Want to not throw the Cat's Meow in the trash. If I get an offer that makes it worth it to ship it I'm happy to do so. It would still be perfectly fine for a 2 season bag. I just own waaaaay too many sleeping bags.
  6. Single Insulated Tech Boots - MR Alpinist boot

    Bump! Mad Rock boots are still for sale. Scarpas are gone. Trangos are gone.
  7. Single Insulated Tech Boots - MR Alpinist boot

    Trangos are sold/pending. Bump for the other boots... Double plastic boots for $50. Worth it. These are pending as well but no confirmed buyers. The single insulated boots aren't doing themselves any favors by being ... well .... Mad Rock. But they are surprisingly nice boots. Very warm, solid all-arounders. I used them years ago on a winter trip on Hood and they did really well on everything from the slog to 60 degree "ice". That was the one and only time they've seen activity. I just own too many other good boots...
  8. Fixing small holes in stretchy synthetic clothing

    Seam Grip. A li'l dab 'l do ya. Doesn't look perfect but who cares ... and it lasts.
  9. If you like Trout Creek...

    Alasdair, a link to this data would be very interesting. Golden Eagle habitat and nesting data is difficult to find. I'll support legitimate protection of habitat but I have a problem with the BLM's approach to this - initially refusing to release relevant data, dragging their feet when they do, not allowing public input, and not performing proper environmental assessments. Jan. 25th letter from the BLM: "Currently, we are gathering information to fully understand the situation relative to protecting the Frog Springs territory, and therefore do not have a scheduled time line for the environmental analysis process. We will contact you when we know more about our timeline and management approach." A week later and we get a mandated closure. Not the kind of "management" I like to see from our public agencies.
  10. double boots in summer?

    Well they will certainly be more than you NEED in the spring and summer. Sure you can use 'em though. Approaches might be a bitch.
  11. FS: REI Flash 65 Backpack

    Size Large. Used for one trip. In excellent condition, no damage. $45 + shipping. [img:left]http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/IMG_6858.JPG[/img] [img:left]http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/IMG_68591.JPG[/img]
  12. Learning multi-pitch

    Gene, the same thing eventually happens to the newer generation devices too. It happens more slowly and I never belay out of the low friction side anyway so it doesn't cause much of a safety issue. But I suppose it could. Usually just means it's time to buy a new one...or wash my ropes more often...
  13. Learning multi-pitch

    Seems like I wear out a couple BD Guides a year this way. I use the my Reverso less but don't expect it to last long when I get around to it. Would be nice if they'd make a heavier duty version for general cragging. I think Mammut did a standard belay device in steel at one point.
  14. Smiley Project

    I can say I've met the Smileys and they're cool people working on a pretty neat project. No need for negativity as far as I'm concerned. It'll be cool to see somebody get all 50 classics ticked...but nobody's making anybody contribute...so... I will say that the Kickstarter approach to things is pretty cool. You at least get something directly in return for your donation - a guided trip or some pictures...or whatever the creators can come up with. The Jeff Lowe Metanoia and Wings of Steel projects have both been pretty cool.
  15. I've got a pair of well used but with lots of life left Trangos. I need some cash and have other boots to fill their place. I will dig them out and take some pics if anyone is interested. Paid full price of $285 when new. Not sure on a price yet but feel free to make an offer or just ask for pics...
  16. La Sportiva Trango GTX - Size 44.5

    Yeah I know. I don't have my camera with me for a couple days and posted this a little ahead of schedule. I could've waited. I'll re-post the sale when I get a chance to take pics of the boots.
  17. FS: REI Flash 65 Backpack

    hwy395lvr I sent you a couple replies to your first request. Just sent you another one. Let me know if you don't receive.
  18. FS: REI Flash 65 Backpack

  19. In like new condition. I think I used it once. 4.5 lb two person tent with single side opening and vestibule under a full coverage rain fly. It's a nice tent that would serve well for any three season use. I've got several other tents...don't need it. Asking $125.
  20. Watch recomendations -GPS, Altimeter,

    The accuracy of a GPS derived elevation is directly dependent on the quality of the signal...which in some cases is NOT excellent...and CAN be difficult to verify. They CAN be accurate (and often are fairly good) but are not nearly as predictable as a pressure based altimeter - which is really the crux of the issue. You normally KNOW when you can and cannot use your pressure altimeter for precise nav. And there are often work-arounds in more challenging conditions. That's often not the case with GPS units - especially those of the "wrist-watch" variety. It's a tool...just like all the others in the average climber's kit. And it's usually the simplest tools that are the most useful in the end. Also, there are frequent opportunities on the average climb to calibrate or verify your pressure altimeter's settings. You'll find a lot of climbers that use them successfully. I won't try to convince you to use one or the other. Like most, if you work to educate yourself you'll figure out which option works best. Good luck. Have fun.
  21. Watch recomendations -GPS, Altimeter,

    If by "Mountaineering Watch" you mean a watch that is useful for navigation then absolutely do NOT buy one of the GPS watches. They are useless for any real navigation (with a couple notable exceptions). Some of them do have rudimentary nav functions...but they are a waste of money if that is your primary requirement. They ARE excellent training devices (I use them frequently) but are not intended for nav. If you want the benefits of a GPS for navigation then buy a proper GPS unit. Old eTrex Vistas have served me well for years and are not loaded down with a bunch of useless features. The new eTrex series are slight improvements. A proper pressure altimeter watch, and the knowledge of how to utilize it, can be VERY useful in the back-country. Yes they CAN require frequent calibration but they are a useful tool in the right hands. As one user noted, they can also be very useful even if you are unable to calibrate. You would do well to spend some time educating yourself on how to use them. One point that has not been mentioned is that GPS units CAN be fairly inaccurate in the vertical axis. This is the least accurate output that they give and I generally do not rely on it unless I am able to verify the info through some other method.
  22. First set of Cams?

    Jeez...on our way (as usual) to once again proving Godwin's Law over an increasingly stupid debate over which cams are better than which cams. boring, tiresome, pointless, idiotic, childish...seriously. fwiw...I mostly use a combo of Met. TCUs, C3s, or Master Cams (and occasional Aliens) in the grey to yellow (Metolius) sizes. I like them all...sometimes I like one more than the other. Sometimes it doesn't matter. ymmv. For a first set...pick one...and they'll be fine. Later on you'll try something else and will either like it more ... or less. But they're still fine.
  23. Sell out?

    Somebody hands you a script of one hour of televised buffoonery and a check for a couple hundred thousand...what are YOU gonna do? Just asking. This is NOT the price range we are talking about. Most likely it's a plane ticket, day in a hotel and maybe a couple of grand. I doubt even Honold walked away with more then 50K in the pocket, and networks like CBS pay way more. Discovery is really stingy what it comes to money. On average 1 hour episode will sell for about 30K, and on the top of that you are losing rights to your footage/story. So the question is if 2 or 3 K is worth participating in such circle jerk? Was talking about Bear Grylls but whatever...
  24. Sell out?

    Somebody hands you a script of one hour of televised buffoonery and a check for a couple hundred thousand...what are YOU gonna do? Just asking.