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  1. Trip: Chair Peak - NE Buttress Date: 7/4/2012 Trip Report: I’ve wanted to climb Chair Peak for some time now and when the email came through from Larry for a Fourth of July alpine climb I was ready. Larry had climbed the NE Buttress last year and was willing to give it another go. He led using twin 60-meter ropes, a number of cams, including a BD 3, a sling along the way, and someone else’s nut from a previous climb. I used an ice ax on a short snowfield after the last pitch, just before the easy scramble to the summit. This snowfield will linger quite a while more I think. I didn’t think the scramble after the last rock pitch was that easy, lots of loose rock. We found the two old pitons, and many different belay and rappel stations. One rappel station, blue and white, had what looked like a 8mm Maillon around the webbing with a descending ring attached. Unfortunately it is rubbing, draped over the rock. I sacrificed a carabiner here to add some newness. There is quite a moat at the base of the climb, which can be bypassed. The gully to the ridge at Thumbtack is in good shape. Larry and I discussed whether a moat will form? His party ascended last year end of July and no moat had formed yet then. I was able to kick steps well on the small snowfield below main summit area. Chair Peak NE B Gear Notes: boots, cams 2, 3, .5, old piton. Belay and rappel stations plenty. Twin/half 60s. Ice ax up higher. Approach Notes: Snow Lake trail ok, good boot track to upper basin and over to Pineapple Basin. Thumbtack gully in good shape. Moat at base of climb, skirt left.
  2. I bought for the wrong day. I presume I can send the Receipt for Confirmation to someone who can use these, from me, instead of buying from the site.
  3. He's no messiah

    "Μολὼν λαβέ" -- Leonidas
  4. Obama actually did it

    More actuality, the bit about billeting soldiers has many historical origins, but the founders had their most recent history from Britain in mind: In 1655 Cromwell divided England and Wales into 11 districts putting a Major General in charge of each to police, maintain public order and collect taxes. Things didn't go so well as Cromwell was a dictator pure and simple. Then in our own DOI we read: "He has kept among us, in time of peace, Standing Armies without the consent of our legislatures. He has affected to render the military independent of superior to the Civil Power." Samuel Adams said it so in 1768... "But, to be called to account by a common soldier, or any soldier, is a badge of slavery which none but a slave will wear." Now back to the beginning of this thread. More terrorists in the cross hairs is fine will me, but I don't think they'll be captured next time, except by accident. Is that a buzzing al-Shihri is hearing? I am sure it is. So O has punted back to his base, so what? Does anybody really think they'll be coming here, if so why and how? Would the communities they are imprisoned in be subjected to their visitors? We have come along way since the days of summary execution of Nazi insurgents in Germany, even after WWII ended, but to think we will afford our enemies the full benefits of our constitution is wrong.
  5. Blackwater Question

    Blackwater is likely to secure more contracts; just like all the others. Pay is going down and that happens over time. I worked in Iraq this year as an International Police Adviser at the Al Anbar Police Academy in Habbaniyah and at Tikrit and along the Syrian border near Sinjar (Tal Afar). Blackwater, MPRI, and Dyn are all key players and highly valued.
  6. Obama will take away your guns!

    This forum is reason enough to buy more guns.