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  1. It basivally goes like this:

    -if you want to boulder go to Stone Gardens. it's their baileywick.

    -if you want to lead climb or toperope some routes (although the toperope routes are pretty horrible these days) go to Seattel Vertical World.



    And if you want to climb something better, go to UW.

  2. didn't your mamma teach that it's rude and crass to talk about money?


    I'll disagree with this. Talking about money, sex, and even climbing accomplishments should be encouraged. Using them to measure the relative value of individuals is stupid, however.

  3. Hey Mr. Phil. wanna compare bank accounts dumb shit?


    Did think so, Go eat some more and roll that belly.





    Mr Phil



    Any questions?

  4. Set up a yearly mutual fund that automatically withdraws from your checking account monthly.


    Thats a good way around some tax. I do the 401k at work becuase the company matches. Free money.


    Roth's are little better becuase you can take them out later tax free.


    Not only is Seahawks a climbing dumbshit, he's a financial dumbshit as well.

  5. Google "beck and call". Google "beckon call". Use quotes for both. See which one has more results; that one is almost always correct. :nurd:


    By that logic, "animal porn" is always correct.