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  1. I'm pondering a scenario:

    You are going to start off on a solo climb up an already bolted route.


    Question - is it acceptable to place a couple of bolts with hangers at the base of the climb a couple of feet off the ground which would end up being used EXCLUSIVELY for an upward pull?


    Personally, I think you guys have your heads up your asses.


    It's ok to bolt the route and have bolted anchors, but not ok to add a bottom anchor?


    This is pure arrogance.

  2. why do young people look at guys like colin haley and go ooh hes the next steve house?


    Heh, that's pretty funny. Actually Steve House wishes he was as bad ass as Colin Haley. Even Chuck Norris wishes he was as bad ass as Colin. Steven Seagal, OTOH, wishes he was a young boy in a flowered print dress with a pink bow in his hair. :noway:


    What ever happened to "Self-Rescue"?



    Didn't you call out SAR when a friend missed tea time?


    I didn't call out SAR, I reported them overdue, with a storm coming in the next day, not that I need to defend my actions, dumbass.


    You're sounding pretty defensive there, junior.