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  1. Our Trask family believes in God and The Holy Spirit.

    As mortals, we pray for guidance and courage so that we may proceed appropriately.

    We firmly believe that the premeditated murder of any innocent Being is wrong, sinister and evil.

    We are a proud family of English speaking, gun carrying, tax paying, patriotic, conservative, American citizens.


    If that offends you, our civilized society of laws and freedoms affords you the "Right" to leave.


  2. i dont see why you need to rip the shit out of john kelly,i dont really know him but at least he was willing to meet up with me and give me a go,he seemed nice.


    Dude, really, too much information.


    I know Alaska winters are long, lonely and dark, but keep it to yourself.



  3. Steven Seagal, OTOH, wishes he was a young boy in a flowered print dress with a pink bow in his hair. :noway:


    Hemorrhoids are pretty Hard to Kill, huh?





    Puffy, red, and irritating, looks like you have a problem as well.