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  1. You're smarter than they are.

    You're more efficient than they are.

    You’re funnier than they are.


    But they have you outnumbered.




    The Alpha Chimp

    The Brown Noser

    The Cheapskate

    The Chitchat Artist

    The Condescending IT Guy

    The Dinosaur

    The Floozy

    The Gossip

    The Hall Monitor

    The Micromanager

    The Nodder

    The Office Girls

    The Politico

    The Potential Serial Killer

    The Temp

    The Water Cooler Casanova

    The Yes Men

  2. It's not fun when you insult the people involved in the discussions. In fact it's quite immature to call people "little bitches." Especially people you don't know. It's also quite immature to assume that people who talk about climbing don't climb. In fact, that doesn't even make sense. Every climber I know loves to talk about climbing, whether they are dirt-bag climbers that spend three hundred days a year on routes, or weekend warriors that spend most of their time on plastic. It's a lot more fun to hear your opinion when you don't act like a sixth grader.


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