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  1. Rat got in a standoff with a cougar a few years back. He made the cat back off by throwing rocks at it. He told me he had a gun in his truck, but he was too far from the truck.


    So you're saying that killing the cougar with a gun is better than scaring it off by throwing rocks?




    I guess you need the outdoors sanitized so that no one could possible get hurt. We should probably gridbolt all the climbs as well.

  2. you know i am stunned at how many peaople are shocked and appaled that there is access to guns and they should be illigal but think that drugs are just fine. drugs kill just as much if not more than guns do.

    Except a random stranger won't point a sack of weed at you and you'll fall over dead. Death by self-stupidity is one thing. Death by the stupidity and anger of others is quite another.

    driving drunk kills even more people. pointing a 3000 pound car at someone doing 60 mph is just as deadly as a semi-automatic Glock. and driving under the influence of drugs can do the same.

    Not to mention driving while talking on the cell phone, which has a similar accident rate.

  3. 19 No strings attached! Robotics expert Henrik Christensen predicts humans will be having sex with robots within four years.

    Give Dru an artifical hand and it could happen this week!

  4. There is no dream blowjob. No matter how cool it starts out, it is still a blowjob, something you have to do. You may enjoy your blowjob, but I doubt any blowjob is worth trashing my life for.


    But hey, that's just me.


    Yeah, speak for yourself.