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  1. looking around my room at that moment as she pointed out her baby's-daddy, i suddenly came to understand how so many hideously ugly females can get pregnant - there's no shortage of equally homely guys either

    How many kids you got?

  2. It's similar to some of the girls I knew in college who had 120+ IQs, but who thought they were dumb because everyone they knew had a 130 IQ. They couldn't get their heads around the fact that 1/2 the people in the country have an IQ under 100.

    This also suggests that they miscounted on the 120+. Must have been copying off their boyfriend's IQ test.

  3. reminds me of the joke - why'd the black man wear a suit to his proctologist?


    Reminds me never to expect teachers to get the facts correct.


    Urologists treat impotence. Proctologists treat anal leakage.