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  1. eVENT Mountaineering Tent

    Has anyone tried this out? Summit Extreme eVENT Bivy Tent - $368
  2. Rat Poison in Pet Food

    Oh my God, your right. Let's get the government involved and regulate the problem out of existance. No one ever died from eating people food, right?
  3. Petzl laser sonic screws on sale for $40 @ REI.com

    Screw REI. http://www.e-omc.com/catalog/products/1789/Black-Diamond-Turbo-Express-Ice-Screw.html
  4. cows or goats?

    Snaffleskins are the best.
  5. Garden Hoses at Stone Gardens

    And if you want to climb something better, go to UW.
  6. done

    Just make sure to close the door and have a few Kleenex to clean up the spooge.

    I'll disagree with this. Talking about money, sex, and even climbing accomplishments should be encouraged. Using them to measure the relative value of individuals is stupid, however.
  8. Potter Climbs Delicate Arch

    with a filming crew.

    Seahawks 8=D Mr Phil 8===============D Any questions?
  10. the queens of spray

    One. You put a hole in the dike.
  11. SUCK IT IRS!

    Thats a good way around some tax. I do the 401k at work becuase the company matches. Free money. Roth's are little better becuase you can take them out later tax free. Not only is Seahawks a climbing dumbshit, he's a financial dumbshit as well.
  12. Garden Hoses at Stone Gardens

    Also, do those folks *ever* clean the holds? Greasiest gym on the planet.
  13. The Psychology of Security

    There is no security. If necessary, you'll go down faster than an intern in the oval office.
  14. this weekend i saw...

    Kevbone park his car.
  15. talk about sex education

    Now this is just gross.
  16. Which is correct?

    By that logic, "animal porn" is always correct.
  17. talk about sex education

    Naw, it's Sinead O'Connor.
  18. yosemite this time of year?

    Depends upon the weather.
  19. talk about sex education

    Heh, heh. They said Woonsocket. Heh, heh.
  20. WaMu is the shittiest place to work

    So you're saying that the 10,000 folks who were fired are now better off?
  21. axes

    Most tools work pretty well. After that it's just individual preferences.
  22. the queens of spray

    Probably because your masculine side isn't much of a handful.
  23. New van anyone

    Probably. Shit is pretty common.
  24. Recommendations on a 2nd rope

    Here's a clue.
  25. Suggested Routes at Vantage

    Suggested at Vantage.