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  1. Yak Peak season?

    Kayaks R aid.
  2. A rant on people who bail

    Shouldn't it be Omnibailer?
  3. Nappy Headed Hos

    @ nappyheadedhos.com where you'll see black girls in HOT lacrosse action.
  4. Live Earth: 7.7.07

    Energy will not be created at Live Earth, it will be converted from fossil fuels to heat, increasing global warming.
  5. Pron trivia

    B.D. Cumalot
  6. Pron trivia

    Rack Nutbuster
  7. Pron trivia

    Drul Sprayshaw?
  8. Got Porn? Want some?

    Arch is a pornstar?
  9. Manpris over polypro.
  10. Shortbus

  11. Nappy Headed Hos

    Who, Imus or Kevbone?
  12. Trask? Climbing Rainier?

    Our Trask family believes in God and The Holy Spirit. As mortals, we pray for guidance and courage so that we may proceed appropriately. We firmly believe that the premeditated murder of any innocent Being is wrong, sinister and evil. We are a proud family of English speaking, gun carrying, tax paying, patriotic, conservative, American citizens. If that offends you, our civilized society of laws and freedoms affords you the "Right" to leave.
  13. Crap!

    Seattle paid half a billion dollars to build a stadium for a sucky baseball team.
  14. rope for rainier

    There can be some Big-Ass Snow Bridge Collapses on Rainier.
  15. drugs, guns, booze and boaters

    Luckily, climbers don't have these issues.
  16. the red button

    True nuf.
  17. Shell 2 for 1 Coupons - Whistler

    I have some pocket lint that I'll sell. $20 plus shipping.
  18. Ozzfest is free this year

    Ya get what you pay for.
  19. Heli ski operation on Mt Waddington

    10 sec and google will get you there.
  20. Best guitar player on the planet.

    Mmmm. Baked duck.
  21. [tr] Smith

    Bring out the Gimp.
  22. whats wrong with the world?

    Dude, really, too much information. I know Alaska winters are long, lonely and dark, but keep it to yourself. 8D
  23. boo hoo for these losers...

    I thought this was going to be a thread about the Sonics or the Mariners.
  24. K-bone what your address??

    In a Van Down-by-the-River, OR
  25. whats wrong with the world?

    Hemorrhoids are pretty Hard to Kill, huh? Puffy, red, and irritating, looks like you have a problem as well.