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  1. Travis Pastrana Double Backflip

    You must be new. The first single backflip was performed only a few years ago. Now everybody is doing multiple singles per run. By 2007, everyone will be doing it.
  2. rope physics

    Ropes aren't elastic.
  3. Light Weight Harness

  4. Dear moron,

    Hey, your girlfriend said the same thing to me!
  5. I'm Never Using eBay again! *DELETED*

    $25 shipping is a bit much, wouldn't you say?
  6. Landis Kicks Ass

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. Come on, Figger 8. You can come up with better inane and pointless criticism than this. Do it. We know you can. Make your mamma proud.
  8. For Mariner fans (like me)

    My millionaires are better than your millionaires.
  9. Landis Kicks Ass

    *BING* Someone got busted.
  10. My partner dropped my blue #1 DMM 3CU from the fun pitch (#11?) on Liberty Crack this weekend. The cam has yellow/black/yellow tape on the sling and a blue DMM Prowire biner with the same markings. Would love to get it back.
  11. traffic maps to your cellphone

    You must be new. Traffic maps for your cellphone
  12. SOLD! Can we make a package deal with the Mariners?
  13. Ever see a fistfight at a climbing area?

    Point taken. Subject line changed to fit Superhero's style.
  14. Left: Anchor on NEWS

    A friend left his anchor on the top of NEWS last Saturday. The anchor consisted of a couple cams, cordelette, and biners. Return would be much appreciated.
  15. Left: Anchor on NEWS

    Dude, you
  16. How to not die while rappelling

    But yet folks still rap off uneven ropes.
  17. How to not die while rappelling

    [Rant mode ON] Arrrgh. Mammut sells ropes with THREE middle marks. One in the middle and the other two about 20 ft from each end. The marks are IDENTICAL - two bands of black dye. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! It's impossible to tell the ends from the middle without flaking out the entire rope! A middle mark is at the anchor, but is it the middle or near the end? They could have easily made the middle two bands of dye and the ends one band. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?! [Rant mode OFF] No, really.
  18. SOLD: New Turbo Express Ice Screws

    If the spinner knobs are silver, they are probably the older Express screws, not Turbo Express screws.
  19. New Panel Loading Pack

    How about a panel loading pack for BC skiing? Have the one zipper on the back and shovel blade, handle, and probe attachments on the outside (or a separate pocket) along with ski attachments.
  20. Net Neutrality?

    I agree. George W. Bush should be in charge of the internet. He did beat Al Gore for it in 2000. Look what he's done for Iraq.
  21. Left: Anchor on NEWS

    Yeah, took till the next day to notice.
  22. A New Season of Squamish Break-ins

    Send in the King County Sheriffs. They nipped the break-in problem at Exit 38 real quick.