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  1. Campylobacter

    I guess that's the downside of flinging your poo on other climbers.
  2. How's about a....

    Apparently, it made sense for you to ask instead of looking it up and posting it yourself. Think of it as teaching a man to fish.
  3. How's about a....

  4. Infinite bliss

    Why don't you just go back to terrorizing nesting birds at Beacon with Joseph?
  5. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    God, you guys make me look intelligent.
  6. Found on Forbidden's East Ledges

    Did you find my slings and rap rings?
  7. Skinny rope?

    Serenity Now!
  8. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    Is Beacon in Eastern Washington?
  9. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    You're smarter than they are. You're more efficient than they are. You’re funnier than they are. But they have you outnumbered. Meet: The Alpha Chimp The Brown Noser The Cheapskate The Chitchat Artist The Condescending IT Guy The Dinosaur The Floozy The Gossip The Hall Monitor The Micromanager The Nodder The Office Girls The Politico The Potential Serial Killer The Temp The Water Cooler Casanova The Yes Men
  10. Climbing Ethics

    You must be new.
  11. [TR] DEB SEWS- EF LEXINGTON 8/12/2006

    Bolted crack? Chop em.
  12. Double/Half Rope as Single on glaciers

    Seems to get your knickers in a bunch.
  13. backcountry cragging? *DELETED*

    Cathedral Peak
  14. Clean Insults For The Sensitive

    You must be new.
  15. OR?

    frayed knot
  16. Deers Heads

    Beer nuts are $1.69, Deer nuts are under a buck.
  17. Deers Heads

    What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
  18. UK Bomb Plot

    Ha, ha, ha. I bet you believed in WMD as well. It's an election year, stupid!
  19. All this spray is great, but....

    Mount Yomama
  20. Now this is bike commuting at it's finest....

    You must be new. Fake.
  21. "Flexing Flakes." Now *that* should be the name of Layton's next route.