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  1. WTB: Plastic boot

    No problem. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. WTB: Plastic boot

  3. We'll toss in the knife to saw the rope....

    It's a bit of a letdown.
  4. Gear Eurpoeans are using

    What brand of cigarettes are they smoking at belays these days?
  5. Ski Suggestions

    Just grab what's available. They're more alike than different.
  6. Right on Schedule.

    Interesting map. I guess this proves the cc.com assertion that the smart people live on the West coast and the NE and the stupid folks live in the middle of the country and the south.
  7. Light macrobeers

    Icehouse: 99c for a 24 oz can.
  8. Right on Schedule.

    Cool. I'm still waiting to buy. Of course, these stupid loans are partially responsible for the skyrocketing home prices. Again proving that people are just bad at math.
  9. Smart people live in Seattle

    Welcome to cc.com.
  10. Getting worked over by a good crack

    Sounds like Aries on GNS.
  11. Rap bolting vs Ground up.

    Actually, he probably drove to Paradise, therefore climbing it from the middle.
  12. More Alien problems?!

    Here's your orange alien, asshole. Do a pull test on this.
  13. End of Summer Sale!

    It sucks.
  14. WTB: Insulated Pants

  15. Caption time!

    Please poop in this bag, then I'll give you your exam and manipulation. - Michael L., licensed Chiroproctologist
  16. Voting on stuff

    This is cc.com.
  17. 4th Class at best. I'm surprised people rope up for it.
  18. Beacon Rock; Fear of Flying

    Bolt it and be done.
  19. This is gettin' unnerving....

    Took you 202 posts to fibure this out?
  20. Oyclimber dude

    Which one is Dru?
  21. Question for physicists

    Explains why you're such an asshole.
  22. Wilderness first responder

    There's a huge freakin ad on the side of the Main Index page for Remote Medical, who offers WFR training.
  23. Campylobacter

    after in the will cause
  24. Singulair

    9 out of 10 doctors agree: Eating causes weight gain.
  25. Fire near MRNP

    Fire was caused by an overheating power drill.