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  1. Nut Tool

    Marked with a "JH", I presume.
  2. spray vs information

    crazypolishbob = garyy ??
  3. interesting twist

    Some parents make videos of the birth, some parents make videos of the conception.
  4. Biggest CryBaby On CC.Com

    RuMR is pretty chunky.
  5. Your vote for Aid ''death" pitch?

    Whatever, dumbfucks. A5 means belays are solid, but gear on route is not. If you come off, you probably rip all the way back to the belay. That's all it means.
  6. my opinions of CC.com

    That's a good one there, RuPaul.
  7. help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beta is a defunct format for recording video.
  8. my opinions of CC.com

    Call SAR to help find your head up your ass.
  9. my opinions of CC.com

    Exactly. Go fuck yourself, Erik.
  10. Washington Pass Suggestions

    Nelson describes M&M ledge as a "good bivy" spot.
  11. my opinions of CC.com

  12. my opinions of CC.com

  13. The Flava

    Herd mentality
  14. The Dalai Lama

    You Canadians still ass kissing the Queen of England?
  15. Guess Bush's IQ?

    Don't know his IQ, but his GPA at Yale was higher than Kerry's.
  16. my opinions of CC.com

    Yes, we need more trip reports from Complete North Ridge of Stuart Backbone Ridge on Dragontail Colchuck Balanced Rock Zzzzzzz
  17. Joke about two cows

    Don't make fun of the guy with the head injury.
  18. WTB: Plastic boot

    Can't help you there.
  19. Numb Hands


    And the BeeGees. Without Andy, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!
  21. Hybrid Aliens

    Considering CCH's quality control, that's probably about right.
  22. Bubba and Dems Upset over ABC Mini-Series.

    You guys watch TV? Get a life.
  23. but he doesn't say anything about chalk or bolts - wtf? Or working Joseph to get permission to climb at his crag.
  24. Singulair

    After he picked up the bill, of course.