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  1. Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt. Hood

    Make a reservation!
  2. Tilly Jane A-Frame on Mt. Hood

    Signage was posted at the TJ trailhead a couple months ago, the door will be kept locked. I didn't write down the contact information back then, but today a quick call to the Hood River Ranger District (541-352-6002, ext. 0) revealed that reservations can be made through Rick Kednay at 503-285-6089. That number is no longer in service. ??? Glad to see the reservations linky posted on this thread above. The Nordic club has maintained the hut with a lot of volunteer work over the years. It is usually kept very clean and well stocked. I have always felt grateful to stay there in the past and sure look forward to staying there again in the future.
  3. Challenge of Technology

    Excellent article, Rad. Thanks for posting the link.
  4. Hood Conditions

    The only cat track wound under the Mile lift, nothing above that. Mostly powder only, ridges were sparsely covered. Started out under starry skies and calm winds that quickly increased at sun rise. Turned around at top of Palmer 8am, 19F, 20-30mph winds gusting higher, enough posthole punishment for one day. Should be getting plenty ice accumulating over next few weeks.
  5. Hood Conditions

    Gotta get in shape for winter, doing weekly conditioning hikes up the SS. Fairly cool and breezy (but sunny!)today. Looking forward to actually climbing in another month or so.
  6. Mt Hood Summit Bid

    Better yet might we have an Atreides-specific forum to achieve an even greater corralage ? New and uninformed climbers are a fact of life. Everyone is a beginner at some point aren't they?. Some experienced climbers see the importance of helping the uninitiated, others make a living by training, guiding and promoting to newbies. Patience, kindness, even outright friendliness may be required, if one can manage to see a picture bigger than one's own little world.
  7. The black spider

    Ya, just finished w/ 6 months of courtroom drama, at least that is over. Never, ever, under any circumstances represent yourself in court, no matter how smart you might think you are. That's my advice to you, paid for by yours truly in the form of his 11 year old daughter now preparing to move to the middle east. The guide should be finished in 4 weeks, the literary agent says the publisher is eager to get it. Not sure when it will hit the shelves. I'm doing the best I can with what I have. It might go much faster if someone bought the beer... BTW, the illustration posted by Colin was drawn freehand by Zen Master Zac Reisner. There is a similar one of I-Rock by Zac. Did you know that married men live longer than single men? It's not true. It just seems longer.
  8. Timberline Toilet Poll

    Have you, in the last year or so, ever found the bathroom door at the Timberline Lodge Climber Registration area locked? What did you do? Where did you go? Suggestions / comments? PM's fine. Responses will be forwarded to the Management. Thanks! Bill
  9. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    Trial extended to conclude this Wed afternoon. Last Friday they brought up the excerpt of my blog posts w/ Ivan above, in particular my photo caption "View from the hut, drinking heavily. The idea apparently is to make me look like a bad dad because I consume alcohol. I was able to mention the fact that we didn't actually have anything to drink but after being chased down Cooper Spur by a sudden thunderstorm I sure did want one.
  10. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    Dear Readers, Last Spring began a legal battle with my ex, she is asking the Multnomah county court for permission to move our 10 y.o. daughter to Jerusalem, along w/ a request for a lot more money (have been giving her $2,500/month for last 5 years). It was interesting to find in her evidence a thread of mine posted above, between me and Ivan. Guess I shoulda anticipated it. I don't think it damaging, actually seems funny and quite "human". The feeling of being stalked is bad enough. I know we posters should remember that everything posted is public info, obviously I forgot. Needless to say, finishing the book has taken a back seat to saving my little girl. The relocation issue will be resolved by the judge this Friday (Aug 20). The book is still moving, albeit slowly. Sorry for the delay. Bill
  11. SS of Hood tonight at midnight.... conditions?

    Just got off the phone w/ Fred Beckey, he was coming down here today to climb Hood via the Wy'East but decided the weather was too crappy. Maybe Sun/Mon if the current forecast holds and if new snowfall is light. Wise words from the man who did the FA of Yocum Ridge.
  12. Hood - Fatality

    Hey Sean, Thanks for the update. Big thanks to all the mountain rescue folks working the mission, this has got to be a tough recovery.
  13. Hood - Fatality

    KGW video report just out, Hood Climber Fatality http://www.kgw.com/news/Climber-dies-after-fall-on-Mt-Hood-96476044.html
  14. Going for Hood SS Thursday-Sunday?

    This time of year it is really hard to accurately predict conditions on the mountain. Thursday nite could be better. Be ready to navigate in limited visibility, things can change quickly up there. See Lost? http://www.kptv.com/news/23812804/detail.html
  15. RIP Monty Smith

    RIP Monty
  16. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Temperature Inversion? Current 4pm NWAC automated stations at T-Line Lodge showing lower temps at 6,000' than at the Top of Mile station at 7,000' (33F @ 6,000' vs. 37F @ 7,000'). If true then one would reasonably expect to find significant icefall from the upper slopes. If true then it could easily be raining today at higher elevations. I was thinking maybe to head up Monday night after things settle down over the weekend, but then I'm an old guy..
  17. North Sister Avy

    Hey LR - Serious ?! Glad you are OK !
  18. Rainier Avalanche

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.
  19. Mt. Hood Solo?

    For real-time conditions you might check out Timberline Lodge Conditions The T-Line webcams are nice. Under "Other Resources" see also the current telemetry data from 7,000 Elevation - Top of Magic Mile. Not a bad idea to scan the 6,000' data for comparison as there can be a temperature inversion with lots of falling ice above.
  20. Cloud Cap road access?

    The Hood River Ranger District office just told me the gate on the CC road is currently closed and locked. The gate is adjacent to the Tilly Jane Trail head and leads up to Cooper Spur. If you head up the TJ trail expect to need skis or slowshoes. Elevation gain is about 2,000', the trail is 2.5 miles in length. Alternatively you can take the scenic route up the 9.3 mile road or the old wagon road trail, if you can find it. That said, the FS is expecting to open the CC road around the end of June, conditions permitting.
  21. [TR] Mt. Hood - Old Chute 5/9/2010

    Nice summit pic.
  22. Snowcat available May 23: Mt. Hood

    The newest Timberline snowcats cost about a quarter million dollars each and have 500hp diesel engines. They have been seen up to the base of Crater Rock and I suspect that if snow conditions were right they could carry on up to the Hogsback. Do not approach a moving snowcat. Move off the path and out of the way. If you need help then wave your arms over your head and wait for the machine to open it's doors. I just think it would be fun to ride in one. A few years back I rode the lifts up to the top of the Palmer, just put my pack on the seat next to me. It was a blast and made it a lot easier carrying that case Dead Guy ale.
  23. Search and Rescue - Senate Resolution

    Gator for Governor
  24. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    Thanks for your comments. I can't wait to get this thing published! Any thoughts on publishing are greatly appreciated, as we have no firm commitments thus far and it is 90% finished. Producing a really good climbing guide requires the commitment of substantial amounts of time and money. I hope to get the process refined to the point where I can do two Guides per year. Finding the best people and putting together a great team is not a trivial task. Basically this is a full-time job. BTW, I found a copy of Jeff Thomas' "Oregon High" on Amazon for $40.
  25. Mt. Hood Weather Info

    I like what Water said, including the implication that even the mighty NOAA might be uncertain about accurate forecasts during the spring. Others might also look at Intellicast http://www.intellicast.com/Local/Weather.aspx?location=USOR0144 or Mountain Forecast http://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Hood/forecasts/2500 The Timberline site has data on recent and total snowfall amounts. The NWAC site shows hourly conditions at the 7,000' level above Timberline for the past ten days. You might also consider joining a group with a professional guide, they will help you learn a lot about climbing big volcanoes.