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  1. Well, I heard that Viagra is supposed to help "high altitude performance", but exactly what does that mean? Is this a common med ?
  2. HOOD This weekend?

    Illumination Rock looking down from Crater Rock... Oct 21 7:30 am temp 31F
  3. HOOD This weekend?

    Camped by the S route climbing trail last Sat at 9,600', heard a steady stream of rockfall until after dark. Sunday walked around Crater Rock to the Hogsback, good cramponing practice. The area left of the chutes looked OK but rising temps and renewed rockfall (microwave-sized boulders bouncing down from CR across the trail) saw this newbie running away to safer slopes. Maybe next month? Pic finally posted as attachment.
  4. Cloud Cap and Elliot Ice Conditions?

    Nice pics, great post.
  5. High Altitude Performance Enhancement ?

    Geez, I'm suprised by the knowledge base here, expected a ton of spray or adolescent jokes, was almost afraid to post the query. Nice to know there are intelligent people here, cerebral hypoxics notwithstanding.
  6. Cloud Cap and Elliot Ice Conditions?

    Cloud Cap is open again. Labor day weekend saw a large group practicing crevasse rescues on Eliot, also a tent just above the heavily-crevassed area. Lots of cheering from the group... Up on the Snow Dome the surface was mild suncups and crevassed at the upper portion. Lots of running water to be had, not too hot.
  7. Hood headwall conditions?

    Went up to Barrett Spur last Sat, the icefall potential is something to behold. Didn't go out anywhere near the fall zone. Suggest viewing from afar. Note that if the hanging glaciers dont kill you, the mosquitos will.
  8. Sunshine Slush?

    Was hoping to take my son to Hood and do the Sunshine route but with the heatwave this weekend, maybe not. Anyone been up this week ? Just sounds like it could be a while until conditions are decent again on Hood.
  9. How to not die while rappelling

    Was wondering, if you use a prusik while rapping with a double rope, or if you need to put on and use said prusik to stop/climb up, well, you put it on both ropes, right?
  10. Old version of Mtn. Hardware Trango tent

    I bought a Trango 3.1 tent mid April this year, last year's model so I saved $50... first time out camping on Hood S face 8500' saw 50+ mph winds all night. So damn loud we couldnt sleep. Hell of a time getting all the guy lines set in that wind. Around 6am a strong gust broke 2 poles so we packed up and walked/fell back down. They (MH) replaced the poles and ripped fly on warranty but it took 3 weeks. Next time will be smarter about where I pitch it (not close to a ridge).
  11. Hey, am 6'6" and looked hard for good pack that size. Pretty happy w/ Mystery Ranch in Bozeman, they make packs for US Special Forces. A bit heavy but oh so tough. Semi-custom sizing, give em a call.
  12. Tilly Jane Road Conditions?

    Ranger told me yesterday they are looking to fine someone if they catch them leaving the road all rutted up... said to wait another 2 weeks or so. Guess I'll leave my diesel-sucking Excursion and bring snowshoes ?
  13. Mt Hood Beta appreciated

    Talked w/ the Ranger station yesterday, asking when road to Cloud Cap campground would open,,, this is the access rd you want to get up to Cooper Spur. They said 2-4 weeks depending on when the snow melts. They dont want huge ruts on the 9 mile long dirt road from vehicles driving up when the ground is still soft. Check your map - this road gets you closet and there is a decent camping area.
  14. found one rei mitten

    Looking for wayward 2-tone grey mitten, lost late april? s.side hood... should have name "mullee" on strap. Froze my freaking hand looking for it, walked down w/ dirty sock in place of mitten. puhleez be mine.