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  1. Prime time for climb time

    I'd be interested in climbing this weekend. Ken 206 457 6391
  2. I'm interested in climbing tomorrow Ken 206 457 6391
  3. I'm interested in climbing Friday Ken 206 457 6391
  4. The Crystal lake Tower looks like a fun off the beaten track climb! I'd be interested if you're still looking for a climbing partner. Ken 206-457-6391
  5. Squamish Partner

    I'm up in Squamish campground looking for a partner for this week. The weathers good and climbers are few. Prefer Multipitch trad (have rack & rope). Lead most 5.9s and easy 10s. Ken Never mind I'm no longer in Squamish
  6. Hey Paul I just started climbing at VWR. I am available eves and weekends. Ken 206-457-6391
  7. Vantage Wed- Thur or Thur- Fri

    I'd be interested in climbing Thursday and Friday. If you're still looking give me a call 206-457-6391. Ken
  8. Forbidden North Ridge - Wed+Thu 10/6-7

    Give me a call. Ken 425-446-2978
  9. Hey Keenan, I'll give you a call when you get back. I live in Renton. Ken
  10. Bump. Anybody for this weekend?
  11. Looking for partners this summer for weekend alpine climbs. Some routes I'm interested in doing are: N Ridge of Mt. Stuart SW Face of Early Morning Spire Northwest Corner of North Early Winters Spire East Face of Lexington tower I'm open to other ideas as well. Ken 425-446-2978
  12. Vantage from Seattle- Sat, Sun

    I'd be interested in getting some climbing in this weekend Ken 425-446-2978
  13. I'm driving to RRs from Seattle leaving Mon 2/16. Anyone want a ride there (you can book return airfare for about $80 one way back to Seattle)? Also looking for climbing partners while there through the middle of March. I lead 5.9 trad 10b sport. Ken 425-446-2978
  14. I'm interested. 425-446-2978 Ken
  15. Sept 18-25th

    I would be interested in doing the N ridge of Stuart this weekend Ken 425-446-2978