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  1. An analysis of the recent Supreme Court ruling

    I really do no think you guys get it is all about greed, money is religion in this country. I am not immune from this sickness. Laugh as you will the internet is next. How much for cell phone bills and fees,lap tops, wireless service then home service? The day is coming when we pay for everything online. I work with server rooms, some of the employees I talk to are there just to find a way to bill you more. As long we are comfortable we are just fine, not excluding me. 2% of the people make 95% of the money in the United States. look it up. Just the way it is,till the printing machines wear out.
  2. nwhikers.net

    I would love to spray on nwhikers.net. All time they talk down to cascade climbers.com. There are some nice people there, but that core group that lives around the Puget Sound. Suffers from Washingtonitis. They have lived to long around millions of people. They remind me of people back east, and yes I was banned because I spoke my mind about letting dogs run loose on trails. Mind you I never used fowl language. All I said was if I obey all hiking, climbing and parking laws then why not them? SEEMS THEY CAN NOT READ THE LARGE SIGNS AT THE TRAIL HEADS. SPRAY ON YOU NWHIKERS.NET! And I hopes it is there dog that sprays on them!
  3. nwhikers.net

    Sorry bug obviously living in Redmond your not hurting. I donate my time and resources down here , where millions don't dwell.
  4. nwhikers.net

    I started this thread for one reason just to piss off nwsuckupassholes.net people. I know they troll here. I like the fact climbers still have a crazy sense of humor. Moderators thanks for it letting ride. I enjoyed all the remarks on this thread. Climb, hike get crazy, most of all get home safe! Now let me have it,I know if I was screwed somewhere, if any you came upon me you would risk your ass to help. Just like I would.
  5. nwhikers.net

    Yes I am up early,off to work,sometimes I have to be there when buildings are empty. I have contracts to maintain computer rooms. They need to maintain certain environments. Comments,charge less why? I charge the same as the bigger companies do. Being poor is fine ,been there done that. Dogs running free on trails. My anger comes from when on a hike with my family. My son was six and German Shepred came up alone and grabbed his arm . I was right behind my son a trekking pole across that dogs head sent him winning into the woods. I took after him hoping to stab it with the pointed end. He was way to fast. Just then some young women REI type shows up telling me off with a quite a fowl mouth. I calmly explained the situation not wanting to upset the kids any more. Showing her the rip in my sons parka sleeve,she said,he did not mean it? What did he mean? I told her I would have killed it would if I would have caught it,her remark was over my dead body. I don't see a problem with that was my remark to her. I had told the kids to go on so they did not this witness BS. As she moved up the trail she said fyou ahole. My wife said that dog is only thing that will ever share a bed with her.I hope it does not bite her in a sensitive place, well maybe I do. Sad thing was my son wanted to stop hiking after that,we got him back out there. There was a sign at the trail head, my son never showed any fear. Chuck rules!
  6. nwhikers.net

    I bet with Steven Segals plugged arteries,he is already suffering mini brain strokes. Chuck rules.
  7. nwhikers.net

    I did that just for you, Steven then changed it for normal people. God bless you Chuck Norris.
  8. nwhikers.net

    Chuck would kick the crap out sorry fat arse Steven!
  9. nwhikers.net

    Sorry my comunation skills are bad. When you said don't get down when dealing with smart people thats not what I ment in my post. I sometimes feel guilty what I charge them, they seem so clueless at times.
  10. nwhikers.net

    WHEN were you born? How old are you there, Junior, because you punctuate and spell like you're still in junior high school. I have one last thing to say I bet you all be happy. I not college educated, but I have my own company I am skilled and licensed. Been at it many years made a lot of money even in these hard times. I am lucky my wife takes care of the books and the accountant. I feel blessed to be so secure at my age and in this climate I would love to challenge 95% people on this site to see who makes more money in a year. Sometimes it bothers me to deal with so called educated people. But I still take the money. Why did Bill Gates blow off higher ed? And why does Warren Buffet still live in Omaha? Some have treated me like I am dumb over the years. Thats why I am not to guilty about what I have accumulated. Drive your $50,000 dollar leased SUV, make that big mortage. Then put up with some A-hole boss. Junior is out there doing fine.
  11. nwhikers.net

    No Jim it is not I was born in Iowa. Darn did I spell that right
  12. nwhikers.net

    HELLO! What's wrong with fowl language?!?? Works for me! Spending time in the midwest,like I have you just made my day COCK A DOODLE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. nwhikers.net

    You have class, I like the name calling shows what kind of person you are. To bad Chuck did not show up at your door. By the response I got to NWhikers.net folks thats all I wanted. What is sad is most did not get it!
  14. nwhikers.net

    Chuck Norris just came my to my door, and said shut up or I will take you out. You guys are good! I did not know they still made bongs? Just having some fun audios amigos.
  15. nwhikers.net

    That is perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen on cascade climbers.com!!!! :lm Wait till you wake up one day and this site and all the others will want your credit card and a fee before you login on. Where is it going to? You will not know most will not care. Just fall in line. Your kind of statement makes me laugh my arse off. I am not great climber, but I do worry about kids my future. I do not preach to them, or worry them they need a childhood and grow in to their own kind of person. Grow up people.
  16. nwhikers.net

    There is a fine line between censorship, politeness and policy just look at the history of mankind.
  17. nwhikers.net

    If thats your opinion I do respect it, but I have mine to!
  18. Your Climbing Heroes

    C.E. Rusk
  19. St Helens

    Anybody going to Monitor ridge today [sunday]. I am planning a hike on Monday, any parking and trail info would be helpfull. Does not look like much snow above six thousand from my home. Thank you
  20. St Helens

    No replays I guess it is to lame for all you super athelets, NOT
  21. I'm sorry Tvashtarketena...

    AL Gore say's we will not be here by then. be Why are you putting anything from "foxnews" on here? They are the joke of the news world.
  22. South Sister in October

    Go to the Mt Batchelor web site before you go, it is a thousand feet lower and a stones through away. They will have plenty of snow level updates. Then you should know what to expect. It looks like we are off to a cool wet start this year.
  23. You might want to call Mulder and Sculley about that black and white in your TR. Might make a good movie.
  24. SICKO

    Screw rankings and statistics, we need some change. We are all lucky to be where we have chance at change. Government and the industry will come around if enough debate happens. At least I have to hope so. Moore uses this stuff to make money welcome to free enterprise. I do not think he is a saint but he at least gets it out there. Better than some CEO of an insurance company smiling at me and telling I am so much better off than the rest of the world.
  25. Thank you

    I would like to thank every one who makes this site happen. I thoughly enjoy it ,the trip reports are fun. I am not a young climber although I still climb and I am working on posting my own reports with pictures. Whats funny is when my wife sees my on the computer, she jokingly says are looking at nude women again. Oh just mountains I should have known. Any way neat place and good banter and humor.