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  1. The old logo was based off some artist's memories of a mountain in utah. Maybe Ben Lomond(?). The "new" logo is fictional and computer generated, according to wikipedia. I say it looks a lot like artesanraju.
  2. Awesome photos. I did that route last summer - it's a classic. That last bit on the ridge was in different shape when we did it, but it still involved some interesting snow scrambling. Here are two of my favorite pictures from the climb. One on the face and one on the summit. For the full TR go here: http://neice.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=2&Number=9764&an=0&page=1#9764
  3. I went to Peru last summer. We had thought about traveling down to Bolivia about halfway through, but time and political concerns (they were burning tires in the streets at the time) kept us in Peru. But damn... I wanna go to Bolivia now.
  4. Here's the AP report: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=2149269&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312 Artesanraju is the peak from the Paramount Pictures logo. The [edit]south-east[/edit] face is popular. Brad Johnson's "Classic climbs of the Cordillera Blanca" lists three or four routes for the mountain, I think. The AP report mentions that they were climbing without a guide. Starting this year Peru said they would require all visitors to the Blanca to hire a guide. This struck me as mostly a way to help the local economy. Not too sure if... a) You had to hire a climbing guide who would climb with you, something these folks did not do. b) You had to hire "someone," who at the very least would sit at your campsite while you climbed and watch your stuff. Which these folks either did, or did not, do. c) The rules are laxly enforced, big surprise for Peru, and these folks just ignored them. Without knowing anything about the accident, the climber's level of experience, or anything else, I have no idea what effect their choice not to hire a guide had on the accident.
  5. Barcelona Rock

    I spent a day walking around MontSerrat in Spring of '03. I saw more than a few short clip-ups and a team on a longer multi-pitch sport route. So yes, there is sport climbing there. As for info? Try spanish sites, or if you don't speak spanish, check out British climbing sites. If anyone has english info on climbing in spain, it would be the brits.
  6. Faders Sum belay device?

    Will Gadd has a review on his website. http://gravsports.blogspot.com/2006/04/faders-sum-review.html He paid retail for it and (I am pretty sure) is not sponsored by faders.
  7. Trekking poles

    I've used the BD traverse treking poles, and Leki Makalu Classic three section trekking poles (from 95 or so). The Leki model (at least the ones I had) tended to collapse in cold weather. Something about the tightening mechanism simply didn't work if it was below 40 degrees out. It was very annoying. The BD models did not have that problem. I did bend one in a fall last summer, but I don't know what pole wouldn't bend/break in the situation. (I had a 70+ lb. pack on, the tip was jammed between two rocks, and I fell; if the pole hadn't bent my shoulder would have.) The traverse poles are aluminium, so I just bent it back into shape.
  8. WTB: CM/Petzl clipper leashes and Grip Rests

    cfire, Thanks, let me know what you find. John, PM sent.
  9. I just picked up some used quarks and I'm looking for clipper leashes and grip rests to go with them. For the leashes I need the bolts that go through the shaft as well. Anyone got any good deals out there? Thanks