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  1. i thought that's what these are for: http://www.news.com.au/common/imagedata/0,,6108312,00.jpg
  2. i've done the same searching to fit my arc bibs. Arcteryx has the crotch zip available(men's too) in wool, and maybe synthetic, but only in black and not for xl. the problem is that no one has them in stock and you'll have to wait. as for the MEC crotchzip, i have them and like them. the zipper could use a little flap to prevent chaffing but i'll let you work that out. considering exchange rate,shipping and price vs. ARC, they are still a good deal. and like i also did, you can get both the med. and expedition weight to have the option.
  3. Bangladesh????

    i spent a few months there in 95. not a place i would recommend for anyone's vacation. you can get almost anything there if you grease the right palm. And if you travel anywhere outside of the larger cities than take your own TP. it wont be available.
  4. WTT: new BD hammer and adz for old ones

    this is funny because i actually lightened my old style vipers by using the Fusion heads without a hammer or adze; to solve my problem of over-driving and spending too much time cleaning them. I still spend too much time cleaning them. that being said i have the old style heads that i would be willing to trade for your new hammer and adze. I'm in Michigan though, but if you dont find someone closer to trade with then let me know. btw, i have several extra picks in anticipation of breaking the notorious BD picks that i have never broken. so if you're interested in a couple i could mail them at the same time. best to email me directly at hankov at comcast dot net
  5. like new, used only when testing service, with home and car charger. looks like they now sell for $300, so how about $250. actually checked ebay and they go for less, so any decent offer accepted.
  6. looking for something for my 12 year old to wear to climb on the backyard icewall. preferably step-in, but will consider any. condition is not important, but price is.
  7. Personal Locator From Mt. Hood Thread

    i bought a sat-phone a couple years ago and was very surprised to find that it doesn't work from within a building, nor from within a forest. it sort of defeated the purpose of bringing it into the woods for emergencies, considering most emergencies would involve mobility problems. Looking for a clearing with a broken leg or other injury didn't figure into my plans when i bought it.
  8. Grivel Lil Monster?

    oops. you're right about my take on your comment, but, i'm sure you can see how it was so easily misconstrued. and now, i too will go back to something more productive, like climbing instead of checking out gear.
  9. Grivel Lil Monster?

    i find it to be very amusing that with all of the evolution in climbing over the decades, and considering the fact the the climbing lifestyle is definitely an "alternative" one, that some people still find it difficult, if not impossible, to embrace change/innovation or, at the very least, the attempt to innovate. ah well, i guess it's human nature. either way, i will post my thoughts on the Grivel Lil' Monster when i have something to contribute.
  10. need helmet advice

    Aya, ccoutdoorstore.com has 8 colors, including pink. which should make counterfeitfake happy.
  11. Grivel Lil Monster?

    good thing(?) i'm in Michigan, so i don't get sprayed in this pissing match. on the other hand, we now have zero gear shops locally that carry any tools in stock. Sure, they'll order whatever i ask just so i can try them out, but that really undermines my impulse buys. maybe i'll buy one and see if another is worth it.
  12. Grivel Lil Monster?

    i might use them also, but i can't justify buying myself another pair.
  13. Grivel Lil Monster?

    has anyone held or swung one? any feedback would be appreciated. thinking about getting a pair for my 11 year old.
  14. looking for the perfect belay jacket

    fyi, rei outlet just put up the moonstone non-hooded jacket $90
  15. Jacket Recommendations?

    i would recommend John Frieh's gear blowout in the yard sale.