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  1. Sad news coming

  2. Sad news coming

    I met Mizuki while climbing at Vertical World. I joined her on a Rainier attempt last year and went cragging with her a couple of times. Competent and reserved, it took a little while for her quiet determination to reveal itself. She had attempted the West Ridge of Hunter and had dreams of doing the Cassin. Rock, Ice and Alpine - she liked it all and climbed more than anyone I knew. A very strong climber, she was a leader who did not necessarily need to be out in front. I always thought I would know her better as we climbed more in the future and now lament that this will never come to pass. People will say that you died doing what you loved but I really just wish you were still here with us. Much Love to you Mizuki
  3. These are no longer available. Millet Everest GTX Climbing Boots Size 13 1/2 US, 12 1/2 UK, 48 EURO. I bought these for a successful ascent of Denali a couple years ago and don't plan on returning there anytime soon. They kept my feet warm when it was 60 below at high camp. These would be ideal for any high altitude climb where you are concerned about potential frostbite. Integrated gaiter simplifies preparations to leave camp. Insulated inner boot liner is excellent around-camp footwear. Retails for $800 new. Very good condition apart from the right boot gaiter having a repairable tear. Located in West Seattle. Post if interested.