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  1. Elliot Glacier Headwall

    OK, we're not Doug Coombs (rest his soul) and we didn't ski the North Face couloirs. I'm hesitant to get into this since it sounds like there are some people with pretty strong opinions about what is what on the North side. I consider the headwall the steepest part above a glacial cirque. We skied the steepest skiable line - at the time - off the west ridge onto the Elliot Glacier and followed the glacier down to 9000'. It's not the same as the Sunshine route - this trends to climbers right or west above the Coe Glacier. We didn't ascend this way, either. I added a couple pix. Like scheissami said, the stuff to skiers right does not go. Thanks for reading, brahs.
  2. Elliot Glacier Headwall

    Camped on the Elliot Glacier flats Weds night about 7500'. To the summit up the direct route (right side of Elliot Glacier Headwall.) Crossing 'schrund at 9500' at top of snowdome very easy as of now. Crossing 'schrund at just above 10,000' took a little work and will be downright impossible soon - will have to traverse climber's right onto the standard Sunshine Rte to pass. Climbing about up to 40 deg or so on the headwall, soft post-holing. 5 leisurely hours to summit. Left skis at 11,000' - W ridge icy/ crunchy. Skied EG Headwall - so tasty! Perfectly softened by noon with a firm base, sliding slush. Large crevasse about 300' down is passable on either side and the rest of the glacier is completely closed. Traversed back onto snowdome about 9000' with great skiing to about 7800' then mush. Skied direct back onto Elliot Glacier. Cracks visible but still small and narrow on the flats at 7500'. Snow to just below Tilly Jane Cabin at about 5,600' but oh so dirty and slow! Full on carbon-skiing! Dusty hike down the last 2.5 miles to the Tilly Jane TH, plenty of downed trees to cross. Gear: Icelantic Nomad skis w/ Mega-ride boots (plug.) Ace axe (long) and crampons a must. Good to have harness and short rope for crossing schrund (and someone willing to lead it!)
  3. Snowdome Skiing?

    Did it yesterday 5/28 - on the way down by 12:30 from the top and it was getting very sticky below 7000'. Have to hike up throught the ash on the TJ trail until about 5600' right now. No ropes needed, Elliot is still closed. See my post on the Elliot Glacier route.
  4. [TR] Mt. Hood- Snowdome 7/10/2006

    Climb: Mt. Hood-Snowdome Date of Climb: 7/10/2006 Trip Report: Still great skiing on the Dome! We hiked the East Moraine and crossed the lower compression zone of the Elliot. The approach across the Elliot Glacier is getting complicated by crevasses on the West side at about 7300'. Might be better to stick to hiking up the West moraine now. Skied Languille Bowls on the descent - only one short section to walk between the 1st and 2nd bowl on the descent. Sun cups are suprisingly minimal but watch out for cracks and bomb holes (melt-outs from rocks.) Skied to within 50 feet of the Timberline Trail but it's melting back rapidly. Gear Notes: Shoes! The hike in up the moraine and out on the trail was pure love in hiking shoes. Approach Notes: Bridge over Elliot Creek is not yet in place but plenty of snow to cross just downstream.
  5. Pinnicle from narada falls - beta?

    Per the NPS website, the road will open on Memorial Day weekend. A suggestion: the slog up the hill above Narada Falls can be a struggle. Do a car drop off at the junction of Stevens Canyon road which is just a short way up the main road and then just walk or skateboard to Reflection Lakes. I think you'll save about 15 minutes of pain.