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  1. Fitting tips for LS Nepals

    You might try Kayland Apex XT's, mine are narrower than my Scarpa Triolets. Good heel pocket, locks in well, at least for my feet.
  2. Mt Adams climb

    Good idea to go in mid July, rather than in August when it turns into a pumice slog.
  3. American Alpine Institute

    I was real happy with Tom Kirby of AAI as a guide on Baker last summer.
  4. Overnight pack size

    I've got an Arc'teryx Bora 40 that I like, though I never thought I'd spend that much $ for a small pack, even on sale. Only downside is that the side pockets are too small for water bottles, but otherwise alot of nice features, like the outside pocket for wet stuff, shovel, etc. For overnites I wouldn't want a smaller pack, and it handles up to about 25-30# ok.
  5. Baker south trailhead access

    How recent is that info?
  6. Baker south trailhead access

    Any news on access to Baker south side trailhead?
  7. Mt. Baker climb - May 2009

    Last I heard on Monday, the southern access to Baker on FS Rd #13 was snowed in to about 5 miles from the trailhead, and I guess there's been more snow down low since. I'm trying to keep up on the status too, cuz headed that way the same wkend.
  8. Backpacking tents: Freestanding or not.

    I've only had freestanding tents, so I can't compare. I will add that for features in a 2 person tent, I like 2 doors and 2 vestibules.
  9. Backpacking tents: Freestanding or not.

    I'm just another newbie, but here's my 2 cents worth, based on limited experience. Last June my buddy and I hunkered down on Hood for about 24 hrs, with snow, freezing rain and probably 40-50 mph winds, in an REI quarterdome tent. We got alot of wind and some snow inside thru the mesh tent walls. The day before when we hiked up to the triangle moraine, it was sunny and temps in the 40's, so things can change quickly even in summer. To its credit the tent held up, but especially after going online afterwards and seeing that shortly after we bailed there were gusts up to 91 mph, we decided we needed something with less mesh and so I bought a NF Mtn 25. It's probably overkill, and I know there are tents just as storm-worthy which weigh less, but we'll try it out on Baker soon. So I guess I have to agree w/ Lou Whittaker that saving weight in a mt tent by using alot of mesh, is like saving weight by drilling holes in your spoon. Many many times I've wondered about what we'd have done if we'd stayed another night up there, and the tent would've ripped to shreds......in the dark, 91 mph winds, 2 feet of new snow,and the temps dropping.
  10. Mt Hood South Side noob.

    Keep a close eye on the weather, and if you camp above the lifts on the moraine, look for any rocks that will help block the wind. Shortly after we bailed off there in the middle of June last year, the wind hit 91 mph, the temps dropped to 20, it snowed about 2 feet (not that any of it probably stuck), and a dayhiker died on Rainier. The day before it was sunny and in the 40's, and people were heading up in shorts.
  11. Black Prophet

    You're looking at the 11/27/96 recall notice; there's another dated 3/7/97 for date codes on any CFBP's w/ date codes under 7009. My bent shaft tool has a 9000 series code, and my straight shaft tool has a 6000 series code. Go to mountaintools.com/techtips for both notices.
  12. Black Prophet

    Scared, thanks for the constructive comments. I took the tool subject to the recall apart again, cleaned off more grime, and found what look like the initials "CB" engraved after the production code 6288 on the inside of the shaft head. So it appears that a previous owner (not the guy I bought it from) shipped the tool back in the day to BD, which tested and returned it. I never expected to take undue advantage of BD over this recall, I didn't want to try to make money reselling new Vipers on the internet, I just want(ed) to keep both tools if they aren't defective. Not to worry, I'll talk to Elmo again this wk about the new info and we'll figure something out.
  13. Black Prophet

    Wonder how I'd tell if the one in the suspect series has been tested way back when? You'd think they'd mark them somehow. Waiting to hear back from Elmo, and certainly not unhappy w/ BD.
  14. Black Prophet

    Thanks for the "hands on" constructive advice. I've been dealing w/ Elmo, but I'll try your suggestion. I'm not trying to rip BD off, even if I could turn around and make some $ by selling a pr of vipers, and would be happier to find out my tools test out ok. How long ago did you have yours tested? Wondering if they still have the equip or capability to do so.
  15. Black Prophet

    Correct, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.