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  1. White River Road

    I assume your talking about the stretch of road that connects Sunrise Road and the White River Campground/Ranger Station. My reservations for my climb June 5th where confirmed with a note from the ranger that the White River campground is not reservable and said nothing of the road being closed so I can only believe that its open.
  2. UTM Coordinates

    Does NE1 have the UTM coordinates for Camp Schurman and the True Summit Point for MT Rainier. And can you give them to me? Thanks
  3. How much gear to take to the summit of Rainier

    Yes I was mainly talking about emergency/contingency gear but now there is another question...June is a deadly month? Bad snow, bad weather, or statistics? I climbed in the Cascades last July and had great weather and the snow was good...so why is June so deadly?
  4. Rainier will be my first 14er. We (4 of us) will be going the Emmoms route so high camp will be at camp Schurman. I genneraly know what equipment to take on a summit bid but Ive read some accounts from Rainier that seem like overkill to me, so I have to ask. What do you Rainier veterans recommend as standard gear for summit day. We are at the trailhead June 3rd. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  5. Self-guided Rainier after 2-week class?

    I took the same 13 day course from MM last July. Genepires is correct, the more you put in the more you get out. Stick close the guides not only when they are instructing but when they do anything. Always volunteer to lead or do the task at hand as you will get more experience and more feedback. And PS, bring an extra set of clothes and shoes to keep in the van.