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  1. partner needed - Baker/Rainier/Shuksan /

    Thanks for the tip, that should help out with introduction and in getting to know the community better. Sitting in NYC and being unfamiliar with the cascades, initiating a climb has turned out to be more challenging than I thought. where and how does one get to this PubClub?
  2. partner needed - Baker/Rainier/Shuksan /

    Hey, is nobody interested in even a day or two of climbing? I could even consider compensation, if folks are interested.. just keen on attempting a few alpine routes in the cascades.
  3. Midweek partner wanted

    Hi, i've got about 10 days to spare now and was looking at exploring various routes in that region.
  4. Hello, I am keen on climbing some routes in cascades say on rainier, baker,shuksan, forbidden ,say anywhere b/w 4-12 days period starting 15th may. I have in the past done denali via buttress, aconcagua, satopanth &gangotriIII(~6700m, garhwal,india), high altitude treks in himalayas and taken courses that covered ice,snow and rock craft. However its been over a yr since i have been in the field, and I am without a partner now and looking to meet up with someone, where i can refresh some of the essentials and climb some or all of the above routes in the coming weeks. I am 32 male from delhi(india) currently in NY. Any tips/advice/feedback on route selection, logistics, equipment, partnering would be invaluable. I can be reached at 917 587 1615 Thanks VM