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  1. Poo Thread

    I hear you...I don't relate to the 30 minute paper breaks. I'm told that once my son hit's 2 years old, and the terlet is my only peace, there will be a pschosomatic slow down of my function, but for now, I'm digging the efficieny factor.
  2. Kautz Ice Cliff

    If I recall, you can camp lower and there's a fixed line and short rock downclimb that gains the glacier lower and earlier. I think the guides use/maintain the ropes here. The big advantage is that you can scamper across the bottom of the chute (that I believe unloaded that avalanche). I think if you go as high as camp Hazard, you end up having to come down that chute, and there's much longer exposure to the objective hazard.
  3. My pastor is a climber....We've done Ranier together and he's done Baker several times. No idea if the days would work for him, but I'll ping him.
  4. TR: Tuolumne and the Leap, July 2008

    I just had my first trip to the Leap 3 weeks ago and LOVED it. great climbing, great rock, great pro. Worth a trip all by itself, especially for me and my modest leading abilities.
  5. USA shockingly vulnerable (EMP)

    Mountain House Chile Mac could certainly be classified as a weapon. Dude if you are into Chili Mac....try Mary Jane's Farm...best freeze dried meal out there.
  6. Enchantments Permit free to good home.

    That blown Rockford Fosgate 10 could use replacing as well I'll bet
  7. define "good" climber

    Based on my experience, "good climbers" never, never pay for camping.
  8. Enchantments Permit free to good home.

    He'll pawn it to feed his meth habit
  9. Avoiding hatred -- should I, and how?

    Only with women
  10. Avoiding hatred -- should I, and how?

    Rob - I think you ultimately need to get yourself to a place where you realize that not hating this person is in YOUR (and your kids) best interest - your decision not to hate this person is not for this person's benefit. Odds are that your kids are already being hurt by this persons actions, and to the extent that a hateful mindset drives actions/attitudes of anger in your life, they are the recipients of more collateral damage. Also, I've found that for me, harboring resentment poisons my own quality of life in other spheres. Choosing not to hate is not about letting a person off the hook who deserves to be treated poorly based on their actions/attitudes. Rather, it's being mature enough to recognize that returning hate with hate does more damage to you and your kids than simply letting go.
  11. Ivan's TR implied this was your first climb??? first outdoor, first trad, first "alpine"???
  12. Snow at Ingall's Lake???

    there was lots of snow coming over longs pass last weekend...was happy to have boots
  13. Which stove?

    depends on what you are using it for, if you only plan on boiling water get a pocket rocket....weighs 3 oz. This plus a gas canister + an MSR Titan kettle weighs in at 1 lb.
  14. Mt Stuart

    We did the bulk of the Cascadian Couloir as the approach to the West Ridge of Sherpa Saturday.....still tons of snow from the False summit down a good bit. A lot could happen in the next week or so, but right now I'd want an axe for that descent.
  15. Northwest Forest Pass violation

    Chiming in as a goverment representative without one proper sentence in your entire post is dumb
  16. Lost: glasses at the Leap

    Ditto for me and a pink tri-cam
  17. backbone with fin gear???

    ] with a 40 foot runout, I'd like to see 4 bolts
  18. Friday AM weight in

    6/27 - 170
  19. Really? I mean, REALLY?!?

    per the story he was not a republican...minor detail I know
  20. Eloping to California

    Huh? The people of CA passed an initiative against allowing gay marriage. The CA supreme court threw it out. Judicial activism, IMHO. I would like to see the issue stand on its own merit. And I'd like to quit tagging this as religious intolerance. In this case, the beliefs of the church seem to reflect the mainstream view as indicated by every single popular vote on the subject.
  21. Eloping to California

    I think you are missing the point Tvash. The "groundswell" to legalize gay marriage??? What is this groundswell you speak of??? Every time the issue has been put to a vote - "marriage" that is - the vote has been against gay marriage. So the groundswell you speak of is not popular opinion, it would seem. This is not an issue of the people vs. "the church", this is the courts declaring that californias law which reflected the will of the people - as indicated by popular vote, is unconstitutional.
  22. Cindy McCain

    Missed you tvash
  23. To the fathers......

    That works fine now, for his age range. That ain't gonna work so well in a year or two - kids aren't stupid. I've been there with two kids already, both of them raised in the same style as your Miles. I'm just sayin'... But hey, good luck with that. Talking about parenting philosphy on a climbing BB.....if our wives could see us now!
  24. To the fathers......

    me thinks KB is in the attachement parenting camp, and might be sharing the bed with the parents. My little dude would most assuredly be getting up several times throughout the night if he was sleeping next to me KB....true or false?