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  1. Cool pictures of a great route. Note that it is illegal to guide with no permit in Red Rocks, and legally dangerous for you w/o insurance. You might want to avoid boasting about it while including pictures of yourself.
  2. Mazama Followup

    There's a reason guides pay big $$$ for years of training, and take demanding exams to be certified to guide even this junkshow in other countries.
  3. Jon Fri

    every1 has major respect for jjoe, pics of sea of vapors w/ straight shafts was inspiration for climbing. john frieh and 1000 crampons/internet-posts not so much

    was this photo taken before or after you climbed the route clipping each of those bolts. you fucking pansy.
  5. Mount Hood Pics- South Side 5/5/2006

    ...I'm going to be one anyways
  6. that's because it is.
  7. Snoq. Pass Mountaineers Lodge on Fire

    thanks for the google download
  8. Fuck the cripples, the old, and the lazy....

    clearly at least the mentally handicapped
  9. Fuck the cripples, the old, and the lazy....

    it's nice to make things accessible to people with real disabilities - caused by no fault of their own..blahblahblah I was joking. Thanks for making it funnier.
  10. We need a pirate graemlin!

    yar I cannot take credit for the lads, though shiver me timbers if I can remember which port where they set foot on me ship.
  11. Fuck the cripples, the old, and the lazy....

    stupid cripples. can't they just put bmx tires on their chairs? it's not that hard.
  12. But has trouble keeping it up...
  13. Easier - Bonatti and American Direct, les Drus. climb pile of rubble.
  14. no mention of DAS EIGER NORDWAND???