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  1. Camp Muir

    Hi CraigClimber, I lived in WA, on McChord AFB for a few years with a perfect view of The Mountain & immediately I was smitten. I hiked the Skyline Trail with my husband & also the Nisqually Glacier trail & always wanted to go to Muir, but was pregnant at the time, so it didn't seem like a good idea....but, now I'm ready, so I'm giving myself 1 yr. to condition. I love Brown County--my Grandma was born there & we go camping in Nashville, Indiana, quite often. Plus, when I was a student, IU was a great place to party! (Ball State Alumni, here!) CampingGirl
  2. Camp Muir

    Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...I have 2 little ones--ages 7 & 8 mos... "Neat trick." Good job reading that much into my posting. I think it's time to get out of your parents' basement--you seem to have a lot of time on your hands.
  3. Camp Muir

    Thanks for all of the advice. I am seriously thinking of hiring a guide. As for training.........we have things besides corn & soybeans....there's cow tipping, watermelon seed-spitting & eating roadkill....then again, being from Indiana, I probably don't have the teeth to chew the roadkill, so I'll just starve. But, really, I'm strength training 4x per week and doing a ton of cardio, walking & we have some good-sized hills for me to practice on in southern Indy--of course, not like there are in WA, but it will have to do for now. I will also get that book you guys keep mentioning and read it "cover to cover". Does anybody have any recommendations for hiring a local guide to take us to Muir? We do plan on this being just a day hike. Thanks..........
  4. Camp Muir

    Hello--How is everyone? This is my first posting. Has anybody hiked to Camp Muir? I just started training this week & am giving myself 1 yr. to get into great shape. What's the climb like? I have been reading both positive & negative accounts of Camp Muir, especially the snowfield. I worry because I have 2 little ones--ages 7 & 8 mos., but this is something I want to do. How risky is it? What equipment/clothing should I have? I read that "cotton kills." I'm not brave enough to summit--yet--but hiking to Muir would be a big achievement for me. (I live in Indiana--not much action here!) Also--I've been reading about crevasses on the snowfield & also read a really creepy article about iceworms, their venom & devouring hikers.....yikes! My husband & I plan on going in July 2007 (when you have kids, you have to plan in advance), so no rush on the advice, I've got time;) Happy Holiday to all, Campinggirl