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  1. I have a Flash XR that I have beaten up pretty well, no complaints.
  2. [TR] Denali - West Buttress 6/5/2013

    Nice TR, really brings back some fond memories. Congrats
  3. Washingtonian wants to conquer Shasta!

    Here's a bit more usable perspective, Shasta from Castle Crag: View of Green Butte Ridge and adjacent Avy Gulch: Take the skis/splitboard if you have one.
  4. Baruntse - Boot Repair from Crampon Contact?

    I like Freesole much better than ShoeGoo, YMMV
  5. 4 season fuel between Sacramento & Mt. Shasta

    There is a Big 5 in Woodland, 10 miles West of airport with easy on/off to I-5. They can hook you up. What route?
  6. Mt. Shasta: Hotlum-Wintun Ridge

    BC trail head is rarely accessible by vehicle before mid-June. Robin and her website (http://mountshastaguide.com/) are a great resource for conditions/access.
  7. eastern sierra alpine ice/snow conditions

    Southern Sierra looks ready for Labor Day rather than Memorial Day.
  8. FS: First Ascent Peak XV

    Still available? If so, very interested and can likely do local pickup. Shoot an email to splitboardr (at) Gmail (dot) com. Cheers
  9. POLL: Crampons For Denali

    I had no issues using OR Brooks Ranger overboots with newmatic G12s.
  10. Platypus Big Zip - the big winner

    I find the Deuter Streamer to be the superior option. YMMV
  11. Overboot+Crampon nightmare

    Follow the advice above. Curious to the answer to Dane's question as I had no problems using Brooks Rangers+newmatic G12s. Good luck in AK
  12. Sole insulation for overboots?

    Yep, totally agree
  13. Routes on Shasta

    Sounds like Casaval or West Face Gully would be best options for you out of Bunny Flat. Northgate could be melted out by then, so perhaps consider the Whitney-Bolam Ridge if you want something new on the N/E side. You planning to take skis? If so, WFG should be some good turns.
  14. Routes on Shasta

    relevant route suggestions are highly dependent on when you are planning to climb. care to elaborate on your dates?
  15. ski packs?

    perfer the Deuter offerings, the Cruise (which replaced the Glide) or the Guide. have used the BD Anarchist and Covert and didn't care for the suspension. YMMV
  16. Hotlum/Bolam beta needed on Shasta

    Given the snowpack, I personally would want skis...especially if you can't drive all the way to the TH. Enjoy
  17. Hotlum/Bolam beta needed on Shasta

    You should be able to find plenty of info on the N/E side routes from Summitpost. You might need to piece it together from more than one route page, but it's all there. As for conditions check the climbing advisory on shastaavalanche.org.
  18. Anyone been on Mt. Shasta lately??

    Contact Telewoman on Summitpost, she can hook you up with a conditions update.
  19. Parka question for Denali.

    Since you are going in June, you should be fine with your Subzero Parka. Was very satisfied with mine in June 2006 when combined with MH Chugach pants, and FWIW I grew up braving the elements on a farm in SD. My partner had TNF Himalayan parka and Absolute Zero pant, and he never wore the pants as the parka was a bit overkill. Though all this is obviously dependent on whether you run hot or cold, but I would save the $$$ for your airfare or beverages at the West Rib pub.
  20. West Coast Road Trip

    Gotta hit Whoa Nellie Deli (in the Chevron at 120/395 junction on E edge of Yosemite) for lunch/dinner. You can thank me later.
  21. Snowboarding in your mountaineering boots?

    Ride my Venture split in Spantiks. No complaints.
  22. CC.com Splitboard Thread

    many thanks!
  23. CC.com Splitboard Thread

    Would buy it again without a second thought. A little heavy when I have to carry it, but it busts through any crud...an acceptable trade-off as it has stood up well after 3 seasons of me smacking it around on rocks both on ascent and descent.
  24. CC.com Splitboard Thread

    damn str8t