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  1. TelemarkTwits.com

    Merriam-Webster has both pom-pom and pompon FWIW.
  2. TelemarkTwits.com

    and copulate?
  3. TelemarkTwits.com

    Ah you guys and dolls... All that lack of climbing has made you so tense you can't deal with the gentle loving nature of the teletipster... Go smoke a hookah, put on a wool hat with a pompon and relax already. D'oh! Sorry, wrong forum. Cheers Paulina
  4. What's up with Euro Climbers?

    Yeah but there are nice people and assholes everywhere. So speak your piece and judge by the reaction. Of course if there's a big group of burly guys with lots of tattoos* being loud and obnoxious, I will probably move rather than confront them... shame on me. Cheers Paulina *as experienced at the Gunks (east coast) recently...
  5. He he. I got a few PMs, actually. Also perhaps the call was a little too early. But that's alright -- we go for quality not quantity, right? Cheers Paulina
  6. Three Fatalities on Everest

    There's an article about a Russian climber's death on 05/22 on risk.ru (in Russian). Not sure if it's the same incident as reported above, but this is what risk.ru say: On May 21st a team of 20 people attempted to summit, all using oxygen. 16 of them did summit, 4 others got to about 8,600-8,700 meters. Everybody made it down to the 7,800 camp that day in good weather and good spirits. The next day (May 22) as they were preparing to descend, one of them - a 54-year-old man (who was among the non-summiteers) felt sick, complained of lack of oxygen and inability to breathe (even though he was using bottled oxygen). Raising the volume of oxygen from 2 to 4 l/min didn't help. A doctor-recommended injection of dexametanose (sp?) didn't help. He died. It was impossible to carry his body all the way down; so the guides and expedition members covered his body in sleeping bags and rocks; then descended to base camp. This is just one of the tragic incidents; but this one doesn't sound like the one where the climber was left to die just below the summit. It could be a "death from exhaustion"... RIP. I never know how to write about these things... Paulina
  7. looking to spend a night on a wall

    For gear, Fish Products: www.fishproducts.com For advice and mentorship, I'd be the wrong person to ask. Cheers Paulina
  8. the black bear is more scared of me

    How come there's no "yes and no" option? If you surprise the bear, you're pretty scary. If it's used to people, you probably aren't (mind you, I've never met you, so I couldn't say for sure). The tasty morsels are those Gu packs and Luna bars in your pockets -- the black bear doesn't eat people. Hating to take sides, Paulina (who saw a black bear only once, at a distance, and was very scared)
  9. general hi and some july questions

    Hi! I'm new here. (That was the general hi.) So I'll coming to Seattle from the east coast in July and maybe last week of June this year, on an extremely flexible schedule, and with a burning desire to climb. Good place for it, innit? Other than looking for partners, which it seems I should do on the Looking for Partners board, I was wondering about oh so many things... Are there any easy/moderate alpine climbs (rock or ice) with gentle descents that you like and would recommend I check out? By gentle descents I mean glissade, rappel, cable-car, paved road, magic carpet... You know, I'm an old woman with bad knees... And then a bunch of OT stuff, like: Where's the best bc skiing to be had in July, preferably not extremely badass? Is it worth it to bring my bike into Seattle? I'll be living in Redmond, so it would be to "commute" to places like the climbing gym and the pub. Last but not least: do the nice people of the Pub Club bite? Thanks for any and all the info. Cheers! Paulina
  10. general hi and some july questions

    Yep. Got both Nelson's Selected Climbs, as well as Weekend Rock! and a guide to the Olympics. Salivating over them at night. So, is it pretty easy and usual to try to pick up a partner at one of them pub club meetings? Or do people prefer to make plans over email/pm? Off to post on the partners thread for weekday adventures if anyone's interested. Cheers Paulina