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  1. Kurt injured?

    Ugh. Kurt/AlpineK I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at pub club -- surgery for head injuries is a good excuse Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Hoping to meet you yet (soon).
  2. Pub Club 6/20

    That should be: people are going to Exit 38 after work. D'uh!
  3. Climb Wednesday

    Oh, I see now. That's kinda out of my league for a day-trip: isn't the approach something like 10 miles? Well, anyway, good luck finding partners or see you at the pub club.
  4. Pub Club 6/20

    Ooh, I can climb tomorrow! Am I Kellie's friend? People are going to Index after work, but I can go in the morning... I'm PMing you.
  5. Pub Club 6/20

    Hey, it's totally a tadpole!
  6. Pub Club 6/20

    Wow, okay, so there's climbing and drinking at Index AND there's drinking at the Owl and Thistle! I probably won't be able to make it to Index tonight, so what time do the good people of CC gather at the pub? This is what we're talking about, right? http://www.owlnthistle.com/
  7. Pub Club 6/20

    Newbie showing promise. I mean: I promise there'll be a newbie (to the PNW) showing up. The question is where?
  8. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I'd love to join the CC crowd this Wednesday. Where/how do you meet exactly? Any carpooling going on from Redmond?
  9. WC Technical Friends vs. BD Camalots

    I carry WC technical friends, which is mostly a historical accident or several. I like them. Most of my partners have BD camalots, and I like them too. I have a #5 friend that's handy for clubbing baby seals (and occasional offwidth).
  10. Bizarre PMs

    er... the picture you posted: isn't it a scene from Brazil (the movie)?
  11. Bizarre PMs

    best movie evah!*
  12. 6/11 MT Washington

    There's a Mt Washington in Washington State? Sorry, can't help you - and it's raining on east side's Mt Washington of course...
  13. Bizarre PMs

    <disappears in a puff of logic>
  14. RANT

    So what's the biggest thing you've done then? A hippo? A gorilla? Or do you just hump your big pillow at night? Read this, oh mighty one, and learn from your betters: story time
  15. So you know her rating? Which guidebook is that in? My mom is pretty easy to piss off, that's for sure.
  16. For knotzen

    The Japanese eat little fat and have less heart disease than the British and the Americans. The French eat lots of fat and have less heart disease than the British and the American. The Japanese drink little wine and have less heart disease than the British and the Americans. The French drink lots of wine and have less heart disease than the British and the Americans. Conclusion: eat and drink whatever you want, all your problems come from the English language. <ducks> I swear I read it somewhere!
  17. Wow, 9+ pages of sandbags. <shudder> Okay, how about easy routes for the grade, hm? Obvious climbing, good protection, clean falls, nice solid rock... They must exist, no?
  18. Spendy cams

    Oh yeah?!? Well, I bought mine, and at a discount too!!!
  19. If you use a daisy chain, check this out

    Er... aid climbing?
  20. Spendy cams

    aliens do in fact rule. otherwise, i use friends - the utterly non-original , flexible kind. they are shiny and colorful... and they're my friends.
  21. Cold-Water Swimmer

    Er... what exactly are you calling bullcrap on?
  22. Rappel Etiquette

    I'm not from around here so don't know about any specific local etiquette. With that in mind: waiting until the leader below you is either at a belay or at a spot where they can tell you they're safe is common courtesy, IMO. Beware of just yelling 'rope!' without looking for feedback. I was once leading a traversing route, when a rope fell from above and whacked my ropes behind me, pulling down on me. Thankfully I was at a pretty good stance, so no biggie, but kind of scary. When the guys rapped down they swore they yelled 'rope!' but I sure didn't hear them. Anyway, just to say: play nice, kids!
  23. Cold-Water Swimmer

    http://www.yukonman.com/cold_water.asp It turns out that a normal person can survive for a while in ice-cold water (with a couple provisos) -- watch that first video! Not that I'd want to do that, of course... brrr...
  24. New helmet covers!

    furries on skis... aaaahhhhhh!!!!!
  25. Hello, good people of cc. I'll be coming from the Coast that's in the East to Seattle area (living in Redmond actually) for the month of July, maybe even the last week of June, and looking to climb all over, all the time, especially during the working week. I'm looking to do rock, alpine, ice, ski descents, whatever. I prefer fun long easy/moderate climbs to desperate epics. Let me rephrase this: I don't climb very well, for all the years I've been doing it. I've led 5.8 on gear, but I've also been scared on 5.6. I've clipped some 5.10-ish bolts, but who cares. I've led grade 3 ice but it was mushy and in the 40s. I ski on tele gear, but not too steep (Main Gully in the Gulf of Slides on Mt Washington was scary). You get the idea. But I'm psyched to climb! And ski! And I'll have a car. And if you're kind enough to show me around I'll buy you a beer. I also plan to show up to pub club events and such. (where's the smiley for downing martinis?) Cheers Paulina