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  1. Moving Back to WA

    I actually have an anthropology degree from WWU and have lived in Ellensburg and Seattle. The undergrad degrees at the Washington schools are all pretty good. And, the fact is Yakima/E-Burg puts you in a good location to get to a lot of alpine and rock areas in Washington and Oregon. The Puget Sound area is great for some people but folks not ready for the winter rains could find it dreary and depressing.
  2. Media is full of morons

    I'd have to agree that journalists are especially skilled at making errors out of ignorance. In my experience both print and tv reporters are more concerned with selling a story that telling the story. Not that everyone I work with is perfect. I think every line of work as a certain number of people in it who could use a little help. At least there are some of us watching out for those folks.
  3. Glaciers

    Unfortunately articles like this really just preach to the choir. Very few people actually see first hand what is going on in the mountains much less realize how the loss of glacial ice could effect them long term.
  4. Owyhee info?

    I found this while poking around on-line. http://www.boiseclimbs.com/i84west_area.htm I've never been before but I've got six weeks in the field close by this summer. I'm looking forward to checking the area out.