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  1. Cody Ice Fest is Feb 10th-12th, I am planning on going if you are interested.
  2. I've climbed Crown Jewel there many years ago....I would be game to get out but cannot commit to tomorrow! Good luck!
  3. I am open Sat. feel free to email me and we can coordinate? Ryanncarrasco@gmail.com
  4. I have relocated to Leavenworth, WA just over a year ago & would like to meet more people to climb with (including but not limited to; ice, rock, alpine, BC skiing, mt biking, trail running etc..) I have been climbing for over 15 years, consistently onsight easy 11's, can lead WI III off the couch & have the lungs of a sherpa. However, I don't necessarily need to go full bore all the time. Just looking for people of all abilities levels to get out with. Must have a sense of humor & enjoy pushing your abilities. Some of my highlights to my climbing "career" include; Ham & Eggs on Mooses Tooth, The Nose, Direct Beckey (elephants perch), Time Wave Zero (El Portreo), and more locally Liberty Ridge. I especially love climbing around the world & my most recent trip was to Laos. If this sounds like your style, I would be really appreciative to meet up and climb! Thank you.
  5. Looking to meet climbing partners in the area. I've recently relocated to Wenatchee for work from Bend. I've been climbing for ~14 yrs and have climbed everything from Ham & Eggs on Mooses Tooth to Time Wave Zero in El Portero Chico. I enjoy climbing at all levels and am just looking to get out. If you are game please let me know. Thanks for your time. Ryan 541.728.1405
  6. Liberty Ridge..any one have any interest or route conditions on this route. I would like to climb it soon as possible, any long weekend over August. I am a triathlete in the summer, so I am in pretty good shape. I have also climbed routes such as Ham & Eggs on Mooses Tooth in AK (we tried several other peaks in the area, but that was the only route we summited). Recently did North Face of Hood last winter. I have all the gear, live in Bend, OR and can meet/carpool with anyone interested. Even if you cannot go this year, I am DESPERATE to meet more alpine climbers who seek adventure. I also rock climb at Smith, so if your ever around.....hit me up. Its easiest to contact me at my email: carazco@hotmail.com And I have knowledge of cravasse rescue and I have been a guide for several summer here at Smith.....so I kinda know how to give a TR belay (its a joke) Hope to hear from someone.
  7. I live in Bend, OR and am looking for more local people, or people willing to climb in this area at Smith and either Shasta or Hood (winter) mteering. Just want to get to know more climbers. I prefer trad and currently have redpointed 11- and 12sport. I love alpine and this is my favs. Hope to hear from someone.
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