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  1. emo is taking over THE WORLD!

  2. Sad news coming

    Very sad, I met Brian once he was a very nice guy.RIP
  3. [TR] Mt. Woodson - 4/28/2007

    wow you were totally hangin out with my parents
  4. Found - Camera

    Found Camera at McClellan Butte trail head on 5/11. Identify for return.
  5. Avalanche Course?

    Who do you recommend taking one from near the Seattle area?
  6. Do you hate Focus On The Family?

    Did anyone get their package of religious propaganda on focus on the familys dollar? I didn't and now I'll never be saved. perhaps a class action suit is in order.
  7. Hangover

    1 liter of water,1/3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 pack of Emergency-C
  8. Buying a concealed weapon, what's your flavor?

    The Kel Tec P3AT = light fast
  9. Buying a concealed weapon, what's your flavor?

    Check out the Bersa Thunder .380. Its basically a PPK clone with some of the PPK's bugs removes and at about half the price. Butch's gun shot in green lake stocks it for about $250 http://www.butchsgunshop.com. 380 is easy to handle, easy to conceal and has enough stopping power for most situations, anything short of a gorilla on pcp. Even if shot and not killed most have the sense to not get shot again. As for ammo all handgun ammo cost roughly the same amount but if you area doing alot of shooting you will save if you buy by the case online. 380 is easy to handle, easy to conceal and has enough stopping power for most situations, anything short of a gorilla on pcp. Even if shot and not killed most have the sense to not get shot again.
  10. Chalk Balls

    Same as above with pantyhose
  11. AETA

    yea 25 to life for spraypainting seems fair and why do vegans like pictures of dead anials so much
  12. Alpine suit, Miscellaneous stuff.

    I'm interested in the skis/bindings boots. Do you still have them?
  13. All Your Bases Are Covered!

    For once I think Fairweathers right.
  14. Funny Business Names

    Bal's Liquor - Fresno, Ca
  15. slippery slope getting steeper

    Fuck Amerika, long live Cascadia.
  16. Numb Hands

    This was happening to me as well. I think it was a result of drinking a few packets of emergen-C a day and thus getting too much B6. B6 can lead to numness in the extremitys. I cut back and it went away after a while. Heres a link http://www.adam.com/democontent/hie/ency/article/002402.htm
  17. Do you hate Focus On The Family?

    guns capitalism dancing girls hamsandwich. I got $95 in free shit, points for getting closest to 100 with out going over
  18. Climb: Pinnacle peak (tatoosh)- Date of Climb: 6/22/2006 Trip Report: Nick and I climbed Pinnacle on Thursday 6-22. We went up via the Castle, Pinnacle col, good snow the whole way with some rotten sections on the traverse of the south face. Spent a bit of time being confused on shitty choss then found the south gully and soloed the easy 4th class to the summit. Hung out for a while and rapped off the seatbelts tied to the tree. Glissaded down the col and drank some Rockstar 21 (better than sparks!) Weather was great and we were distracted by the views of rainier. It was a great day for my first snowclimb and first cascade summit Gear Notes: Axe, Rope, Slings some small came Used: Axe, Rope for decent Approach Notes: we left a good bootpack up and on the traverse of the south side, get it before it melts
  19. Approach Vehicle Suggestions

    My girlfriend is currently selling her 2002 4x4 Honda Passport (Isuzu rodeo with Honda badges),AT, AC,CD, black about 90,000 miles, new transmission. I think she wants around $13,000
  20. Picking the Wine for the Climb

    Two Words... Night Train
  21. Crampons?

    Grivel G12 or BD sabertooth?
  22. Bitten at Tieton

    You are correct sir.
  23. Bitten at Tieton

    Typically venom removal kits are not very effective. Rapid transport to the hospital via EMS is a better option. As the venom travels in the lymphatic system under the skin rather than the blood stream, a rubber band should be placed on the bitten limb above the site of the bite to slow the venoms progress. The victim should be kept calm and avoid exertion and be immediately transported to the hospital for anti-venom treatment. If possible the snake should be killed and taken with the victim for identification purposes.
  24. TelemarkTwits.com

    yep telemarking = sex appeal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Telemarker_HQ.jpg
  25. looking to spend a night on a wall

    http://www.psychovertical.com/?livingonthewall where in the Sierra are you staying? I used to live in those parts